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By Alan Whitford, on 08-06-2011 20:24

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Continuing our series of conversations with speakers and panelists for the upcoming Social Recruiting Conference 2011 (#SRCONF) on 30 June in London, we get together with the founder of Brubaker HR (or Chief Inmate, as he likes to be known), Gareth Jones. Gareth is contributing to the live debate on Social Media Recruitment Strategy with Julie Cochrane and Wofgang Brickwedde.

BrubakerHR logoBrubaker HR is a niche consultancy which focuses on leveraging social insight for improved business performance. Gareth is also co-founder of ConnectingHR, the rapidly growing, socially driven HR community. A regular commentator and blogger on the future of the recruitment landscape, he now works with a variety of businesses from tech start-ups to established blue chips, advising on marketing and product strategy, social and real time employee engagement, communities and exploring new revenue streams through social commerce strategy.

Before founding Brubaker, Gareth was Head of Marketing and Technology at the Stopgap Group the largest Independent HR and Marketing recruitment firm in the UK. At Stopgap he pioneered the use of social approaches in both candidate attraction and client development. With additional responsibilities for business strategy, he has spent the last 2 years deconstructing the recruitment business model and challenging some of the industries most fundamental conventions.

Don't forget to register for the conference, where you can meet Gareth in person and learn more about his experiences and share in his expertise.


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