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TruLondonThe @BillBoorman show kicked off on Wednesday with the flagship event, #TruLondon. Number 5 in the London series, Bill has pulled together another outstanding lineup of track leaders and delegates who will mingle, discuss, argue and generally try and find ways to continue improving everything recruitment. With 50 tracks and 48 track leaders, it is packed end to end with great conversations, from the first track at 10.00 Wednesday morning, through to 5.00 on Thursday evening.

Some of the other highlights of the two day event (from Bill's blog post):

Aside from the conversation, there’s plenty more going on during the event. Wednesday 22nd will feature a full day of livestream broadcasting from the Jobsite studio, with interviews and panel chats from many of the track leaders and participants on a whole range of issues. You can follow the livestream, twitter feed, flikkr feed and all other content on the #TruLondon5 site, brought to you by our friends and sponsors Jobsite. You can find the dedicated site HERE.

New for this year we have added a livelab, which is going to be a bit of a hack to build a model career site over the 2 days of the event. The idea is that each hour will feature a different planning topic which anyone can contribute to, followed by builds by trying to turn the concepts in to a working model. At the end of the event we hope to have a model site which will be available for anyone to see and benchmark their own site against. It’s quite a challenge, but I’m sure we can do it

DeeDee dokeEvent sponsor Jobsite ran its all day live streaming video studio on Wednesday, ably hosted by industry media leader and editor of Recruiter Magazine, DeeDee Doke. The sessions can be viewed here, including a number of the interviews from past TruLondon events.

You can view and download your own copy of the schedule HERE

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