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Recalvi Enterprise makes the leap to the cloud with iFollowOffice

Simon Osman

  8 June 2015, London – Recalvi Enterprise, the specialist graduate and apprenticeship recruitment consultancy, has selected iFollowOffice, the leading provider of cloud desktops, to move its rapidly expanding workforce to the cloud. Recalvi Enterprise, which operates across three...
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Industry Blog Highlights

We are featuring links to a few of our favourite industry bloggers.

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Sirona Says
Sirona Says - social recruiting tips, tricks and advice
  • A Social Media Recruiting Strategy Framework
    A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a Google+ Hangout on implementing social media recruiting strategies. It was a good session with Steve Ward from CloudNine and Louis Welcome from Colleague Software, where we covered the different ways companies can effectively implement innovative social media recruitment strategies. (The recorded show and additional Slideshare... Read More
Gordon Lokenberg presents
"W3recruitment and mobile recruiting things to think about"
  • Global Talent Identification
    Wow, that’s been a while, me writing a post on something… I think other platforms got a hold on me. In the meanwhile the economy started to become more positive and finally the moon seems to be able to cover the sun… So time to write again. The reason why I wanted to post this … Continue reading

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