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SRCONF PARIS The third edition of the the leading Social Recruiting Conference, SRCONF, will be held in Paris on 1 December.

Social Recruiting Conference 2011 focuses on real-life and practical case studies of how diverse companies are implementing Social Recruiting in their Talent Attraction and Employer branding strategies. Speakers will share their experiences and present their potential future plans.


Organised by Vic Okezie of Crexia and supported by RCEURO, this will be the first of the #SRCONF franchise to be held outside of the UK at Les Salons de L'Aveyron in the Bercy section of Paris. Don't forget to register here.

Viadeo LogoColin Frankland of SRCONF sponsor Viadeo chaired a Social Recruiting Roundtable in London this week to gather some opinions on the impact of social today and in the future. Alan Whitford of RCEURO and chairman of the SRCONF conference series, interviews Andy Headworth, founder of Sirona Consulting and blogger extraordinaire about the Viadeo Roundtable and his upcoming presentation at Social Recruiting Conference Paris 2011 on 1 December. Andy will cover Social Recruiting: Tools, Technologies and Techniques at the event.


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