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The Risks of Poor Employment Screening

Posted by: Sara Wells in Untagged  on

Sara Wells
When most think about the concept of employment screening they of course think of the basic, perhaps remedial background checks carried out on any and all applicants before being considered for a post. More often than not, any standard business or recruiter will be insistent on verifying things like education, qualifications and relevant experience by requesting documents and perhaps written references.

However, given the way in which it’s not exactly difficult to produce any number of documents with a home computer and printer, are checks at such a level really enough?

Not that it’s ever productive to enter into any recruitment drive with suspicion and cynicism, but there’s also no escaping the fact that CV screening really isn’t as black and white as it used to be. With a job market that’s never been more ferocious or congested in terms of applicants for every single post out there, it’s inevitable that some will be more than willing to cross the line into misleading recruiters in order to get the proverbial foot in the door.

Now, while in most instances this kind of CV and application embellishment is minor, it’s nonetheless impossible to take any application at face-value and know which areas ring true and which are completely to the contrary. As such, it is a case of not only carrying out employee and CV screening, but carrying out deep and consistent screening that doesn’t in any way allow assumptions to creep into the equation.

Poor employee screening will in most instances lead to nothing more than a few untruths slipping the net here and there, but the problem is that once an untruth has been uncovered, bonds of trust are broken and chances are the relationship with the person concerned will never be the same again. And then there are those that fully overstate their experience and capabilities, thus end up filling roles that should have been passed on to far more competent candidates.

Right at the far reaches of the table there are also those with the most questionable of backgrounds that aren’t exactly likely to plead their case with honesty when looking to land a job. As such, it’s either a case of consistent CV screening to find out their truth in advance, or leaving it in the lap of the Gods and finding out the hard way.

There are just too many risks and none are worth taking – professional CV screening should be considered mandatory.

How Modern Communication is Impacting HR

Posted by: Derin Clark in Untagged  on

Derin Clark

In the last decade the world of HR has changed drastically. Once HR departments were a hive of activity that bridged the gap between employers and employees. It was where relationships between the company and its workers were built, where staff could go when they had a problem and where managers would drop by to keep updated with their team's progress.

Today, HR departments are being scaled back and HR Directors are more likely to be emailing and updating LinkedIn than making phone calls. Where once there was the constant hum of the fax machine now there is the clicking of keyboard keys. It is not just HR departments that are changing, but the workplace in general.

Communication is now instant, constant and, for the most part, free. As such, all areas of workplace communication is quicker and available at any time of the day, or night. HR has traditionally been at the centre of a company's internal communication, so HR Directors have been at the forefront of these changes.  

But what have these changes meant for HR Directors and Managers? 

Despite the rapidly changing HR industry, it essence still comes down to communication. It is still the job of HR professionals to bridge the gap between employers and employees. HR departments have retained their unique place in the office that oversees all the workforce, the hub that keeps it all working smoothly. 

Bullhorn takes 2013 by the horns

Posted by: Peter Linas in Untagged  on

Peter Linas

Today Bullhorn has unveiled its global plans for 2013 and has announced London as the company’s international hub.

The most exciting thing for us in 2013 will be our expansion into new regions. We’re investing in our products, our people and in our physical expansion. We’re currently hiring our first employees in mainland Europe who will be based in the Netherlands and have added another three to our team in the north of England.

Taking our CRM, Bullhorn Reach, and the Bullhorn Marketplace into non-English speaking markets is a huge challenge but our prospects in those countries are ready for an integrated cloud solution that addresses the unique workflow requirements of the recruitment sector. We’re currently working on expanding the functionality of our mobile platform.

Existing users will see big changes to Bullhorn’s accessibility by the end of the year, including browser independence, meaning that Bullhorn will be usable in Safari, Firefox and Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer.

Our offices in the heart of London’s ‘Tech City’, are hard to miss from street level and signify a year of great change for the company – which has gone from start-up to UK market leader in under four years.

Why Recruiting Talent is Good for Business

Posted by: Derin Clark in Untagged  on

Derin Clark

Recruiting talented employees is what businesses are ultimately aiming for when they hire recruitment specialists. That's because business owners know that it is these workers who will have an impact on the success of the company.

It is talented employees who often drive a business forward. They are the ones who come into meetings full of good ideas, who put in the extra effort to ensure a project is completed, and who inspire their colleagues to achieve better results.

As a recruiter it is your job to find these employees and to make sure a company has a talent management policy in place to retain its talent. 

There is no point in searching through endless CVs and organising interviews in an effort to find the talent amongst the large number of ordinary job candidates, only for the company to not retain its talented employees in the long-term.

Talent management in fact covers the whole process of securing and retaining talented employees. However many recruiters know what to look for when interviewing job candidates, what can be harder is ensuring these workers stay with the company for a number of years. 

Nearly two thirds of companies do, or plan to bolster their recruiting and hiring efforts with internal social networking technology according to a whitepaper by SilkRoad Technology. Just over half, 54 per cent, do or will use social technology to supplement in-house learning and development while 34 per cent do or will use it to support performance management.

The results are from SilkRoad’s ‘The State of Talent Management ‘2013’, a white paper based on eight surveys issued to 5,753 professionals in the HR industry in 2012. It focuses on social media and talent management, learning and compliance, recruitment and transition management, human resource management systems, and the state of employee engagement.

Nicholas Roi, managing director of SilkRoad Technology UK comments: “Talent management is a fast-moving industry, and every year brings new trends. Emerging technologies are having a marked effect on the way in which employees engage with their employer, which is of vital importance, considering the significant rise in mobile workforce numbers globally.”

As well as identifying the shift towards social technology use in talent management, the report discusses the increasing trend for organisations to rely on cloud-based Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). More than a quarter (26 per cent) said that they now use pure-cloud systems, and a further 20 per cent combine their in-house installed system with a cloud solution.

Respondents also reported difficulties in assessing the value of engagement programmes. SilkRoad questioned this point and found that most (58 per cent) rely on annual employee surveys to measure engagement while 48 per cent hold ’regularly scheduled town hall meetings’. Currently 16 per cent use social media tools for measurement.

Bond Adapt Integrates With cube19

Posted by: Jenny Williams in Untagged  on

Jenny Williams

Integration To Boost Recruiters's Performace And Enhance Sales

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, today announces the integration between Bond Adapt v11– the specialist portfolio of recruitment applications – with cube19, the visual analytics company that brings sophisticated cloud-based business intelligence and actionable analytics to the global recruitment market.

As a result of this integrated technology, the recruitment industry will be able to draw upon analytics and performance management data taken directly from Bond Adapt v11 and view them using cube19’s highly visual user interface. These analytics will help individual recruiters to improve performance as well as making it easier for Managers and Directors to manage their business and people. cube19 is proven to accelerate sales growth by delivering actionable analytics to recruiters. The focus on creating consistency in the recruitment process leads to higher job fulfilment rates and an increase in revenue. Through using the data gathered by Bond Adapt v11, a recruiter can view relevant and optimised data specific to their individual requirements in addition to team and group data. As such, recruiters are able to see which of their processes drives revenue, amend current practices and tailor internal targets accordingly to increase billing activity and enhance overall business performance.

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “Bond Adapt brings a unique flexibility to recruiters and is the ideal CRM system to work in conjunction with cube19. The powerful insight which can be delivered from the integration brings recruiters a unique method of self-assessment and introspection. Having the capability to integrate valuable activity based data recorded within the Adapt CRM platform at a holistic level, with a powerful visual analytics tool, enables us to deliver a clear and bespoke representation of business performance to our customers.”

Dan McGuire, CEO, cube19, concludes, “In order for users to get the best out of their analytics, the data which the system provides must be reliable. We know that the Bond Adapt platform is sufficiently robust to present dependable data and therefore our analysis is relevant, accurate and valuable. Through having access to the right data, we have proven that our analytics can highlight improvements to business processes that deliver significant sales uplift. We challenge conventional thinking when it comes to creating performance metrics and have identified new ways to measure and motivate recruiters which are unique to cube19. This results in changing the manner in which recruitment teams interact with their candidates and vacancies ultimately benefiting recruiters and clients alike.”

MPC is managing a global pipeline of creative talent

Ryan Broad, Head Global of Recruitment, is the final speaker today at the Recruiter Magazine's Smart Resourcing knowledge sharing Ryan Broad, MPCevent at The Kings Fund, London. He starts with a video of the production elements of their Oscar winning efforts on Life of Pi.

MPC creates high-end digital visual effects and computer animation for the feature film, advertising, music and television industries. A wholly owned subsidiary of Technicolor, our bases in Soho London, Santa Monica LA and Vancouver Canada and are purpose-built facilities, each with a dedicated digital infrastructure designed and built for our future. Our studios are inspirational, spacious and welcoming, creating both an intimate yet professional environment.

What has Ryan covered?

  • Getting to the right recruiting strategy
  • Using conventional recruitment technologies in unconventional ways
  • Strategic resourcing and talent pipelining doesn't cost the earth
  • Proactive sourcing for effortless execution
  • My vision for future hiring interactions

Typical recruitment approach is a very linear hiring process, but in the creative world and project based business, the talent community needs to be more flexible and a self service model. The 18,000 candidates can update availability, add new ‘show rules’ and other pro-active elements.

This is true ‘just in time’ hiring, as the company can only really bid on new projects if they know the potential staff resource is available for interview and hire. This segment is roughly 2,800 people at all times.

This also enables MPC to know where to potentially allocate the work, from Vancouver to London to Bangalore.

Understanding the candidates and what is of value to them.
1 The work - it’s the movies
2 The technology is really cool and cutting edge
3 Their friends are there

Social media strategy based on those principles.
The most important is that 'my friends work there'.
Challenge is the breadth and depth of groups on LinkedIn, Facebook that MPC needs to get its messages out to. Roughly 150 places. Using Hootsuite hootsuite.com/ to manage the messaging engagement across all the social platforms. Categorise groups, determine best times to post and use reporting to fine tune.

Content is the king for messaging. What do the employees really enjoy about work and use that as the relevant content. For example, it is the technical breakdown of making movies. MPC Prometheus VFX Breakdown has had over 240,000 hits which is a great recruitment tool.

Some Conclusions
Interesting use of ‘open requisitions’ which enables true tracking of candidate availability

Next iteration of the Self Service approach to candidate management - get back to the candidate managing availability, setting meetings/interviews, choosing projects that are interesting and sharing out to the rest of the industry.

Paul Modley on the LOCOG Recruitment Project

Posted by: Alan Whitford in Untagged  on

Alan Whitford

We are at the Recruiter Magazine Smart Resourcing knowledge sharing event taking place on 28 February 2013 at The Kings Fund, London.

For me, one of the highlights of the day is Paul Modley, former Head of Recruitment for LOCOG, the operating body for the London Olympics 2012. A terrific warts and all view of putting in place the structure, technology and processes to hire a massive temporary direct and indirect workforce.

  • How LOCOG used the power of the Games and the Olympic brand to recruit a highly engaged workforce
  • RPO, was it the right approach and did it achieve the right outcome?
  • How LOCOG successfully integrated diversity and inclusion into the recruitment programmes
  • Local community engagement is critical in delivering your resourcing strategy - an insight in to how this was accomplished

Some Highlights

Work closely with Adecco as the RPO, including Adecco hiring a senior individual to run the account

hollaroo logoWork closely with Hollaroo to build a talent community for all employees of the Olympics and for the benefit initially of the sponsors and suppliers. This has since been opened up to any UK employer. Currently more than 500 employers have access to a talent pool of up to 200,000 individuals.

Diverstity and Inclusivity
23.5% of workforce hired from local community (6 host boroughs)
39% were previously unemployed

Employment and Skills Board chaired by the Chief Executive
Skills council to develop areas like Chef, customer service and other sills based roles.

Some other lessons

  • RPO was good, but possibly outsourced too much
  • Forensic planning was critical to the successful deliver of the recruitment programme
  • Robust communications and engagement plan to steer the workforce on the journey
  • Set your sights high with Diversity and Inclusion - it is not a separate approach but is integrated in the complete business approach

Outsauce’s compliance campaign moved to London last week, with a round table debate between some of the UK’s leading agencies on the key issues impacting the recruitment industry.  

Chaired by Recruitment International, the event at The Gherkin revealed surprising positivity towards the legislative landscape, with those present agreeing that careful policing is fundamental to reducing risk for agencies, clients and candidates alike. But existing regulation isn’t perfect, they agreed, with clarity and identifiable standards still some way off. 

The debate revealed the following valuable insights:

Is existing industry legislation fit for purpose?

Recruiters in Europe consider a shortage of skilled candidates to be their biggest challenge in 2013, according to research we at Bullhorn have conducted.

Of the 195 recruiters we surveyed, 36 per cent cited the shortage of quality candidates as their biggest challenge, followed by economic uncertainty and unrealistic client expectations with 23 per cent and 17 per cent of the vote respectively.

This shortage is creating fierce competition among recruiters, who have to use the latest high-tech tools to source talent. Many are turning to specialist software in order to identify passive candidates on social media before they are headhunted by other agencies.

The shortage of candidates is no doubt linked to the historically low UK unemployment rate. Recruiters are using all the tools at their disposal to secure quality candidates with more of them turning to social media than ever before - in fact when we asked recruiters what the biggest opportunity for recruitment professionals in 2013 was, the top ranking answer was increased access to passive candidates via social media.

In 2011 we launched Bullhorn Reach, its social recruiting software. Bullhorn Reach includes a patented feature called Radar which helps recruiters identify passive candidates before they've even submitted a CV by monitoring their social profiles and watching for small changes. Bullhorn Reach was downloaded more times, in a shorter period of time, than any other piece of recruitment software ever - when you look at the results from our report, this is hardly a surprise. Social networks are a serious weapon in a recruiter's armoury and new features like Facebook's graph search will only make them more useful.       

SilkRoad celebrates record growth in 2012

Posted by: Hannah Stacey in Untagged  on

Hannah Stacey

SilkRoad Momentum Fueled by Customer Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships, Product Innovation and Industry Recognition

SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based social talent management software, has reported that it experienced worldwide growth in the fourth quarter as a result of new customer acquisitions, significant strategic partnerships and product innovation. SilkRoad acquired 185 new customers globally, representing a 44 percent growth rate over the fourth quarter of 2011.

“As the leading pure-play talent management provider, we are dedicated to providing the most innovative and comprehensive talent management technology that’s available anywhere,” said Flip Filipowski, CEO of SilkRoad.  “To that end, we expanded partnerships and updated products in Q4 to offer more functionality for businesses and employees alike.  The record number of clients who chose SilkRoad’s Life Suite® HR software this quarter is a clear indication of our success.”

Highlights from the quarter

Customer Acquisitions

Recruitment sector looks forward to a strong 2013

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Peter Linas

Over 80 per cent of recruiters expect their agencies' revenues to increase in 2013 according to our latest research.

The results are detailed in our European Trends Report. Forty-five per cent of recruiters claimed their organisations met their revenue goals in 2012, while 30 per cent claimed they'd exceeded them - interestingly 34 per cent of firms whose employees used cloud recruitment technology exceeded their 2012 revenue goals. Out of those that didn't use the cloud, only 23 per cent exceeded the same yearly goals. Of those that expect their agency's revenue to increase this year, almost half believe it will rise by more than 25 per cent compared to last year's totals.

On a personal level, 80 per cent of the recruiters surveyed expect their total yearly remuneration to increase in 2013 compared to 2012, with 58 per cent claiming they'd experienced a rise in remuneration in 2012 from 2011. Salary expectations also look promising with the largest percentage of respondents (34 per cent) expecting to earn between £40,000 and £75,000 this year.

It looks like even throughout one of the worst periods of economic austerity in the last 50 years, the recruitment market continues to fare well. The private sector in the UK is generating healthy levels of new jobs and employment is at record high with the Office of National Statistics recently posting the highest figures since records began in 1971.

The report shows that the recruitment employment market itself also looks healthy with 85 per cent of respondents expecting to add staff to their businesses in 2013.

On the move...

Posted by: Peter Linas in Untagged  on

Peter Linas

Our recent EMEA Recruitment Trends Survey sheds light on how the recruitment sector fared in 2012 and looks towards the year ahead. A common trend throughout the results was the increased amount of time spent working remotely and recruiting on the move.

The survey presented a positive outlook for 2013, with higher revenue performance expected by almost three quarters of respondents. In addition, 72 per cent cited an increased focus on strengthening new and existing client relationships as the best way to achieve growth targets.

Face-to-face meetings are essential for developing good client relationships, but having to leave the office on a regular basis is time consuming and traditionally not great for your bottom line.

Time away from the office used to result in missed opportunities for recruiters. However this is no longer the case. Granting employees remote access to your CRM/ATS via a smartphone is one of the major benefits
of true cloud computing. Access to databases, candidate files, emails and
documents reduces the limitations placed on recruiters when they are out of
office and increases the number of productive hours available to them.

A recruiter's working day doesn't always run to the standard 9-5 - candidates can be placed and business can be won at any time, especially when expanding into new territories in different time zones. This explains why 76 per cent of the survey respondents claimed they needed access to their CRMs whilst on the move.

Have your say on recruitment industry compliance

Posted by: Abi Buckley in Untagged  on

Abi Buckley

Outsauce's new campaign on recruitment industry compliance goes live this week with its Compliance Barometer survey.

With a constant stream of legislation impacting on agencies, Outsauce would like to know how you are dealing with the challenge on the ground.


The survey, at www.outsauce.net/compliance-survey takes around five minutes to complete and aims to answer the following:


  • How are agencies and clients dealing with AWR a year in?
  • What steps are being taken to manage risk through the entire supply chain?
  • Is the guidance on pensions auto-enrolment clear enough?
  • How likely is HMRC's new clampdown on non-compliant working status to have impact?

They'd also like agencies' views and suggestions on what can be done to ensure compliance based on your experience working with candidates and end clients.


David Henry, VP Marketing at Monster.co.uk , has shared a neat Infographic which details the finer points of the new integrated media campaign, "Find Better" which launches on Monday 11 Feb. What I find interesting and unique about the campaign (which runs until 31 March), is that it is not TV for TV's sake. David and his team have made a concentated effort the last couple of years to ensure that advertising does not occur in a vacuum - look at the 2012 relationship with the Marussia Formula One team for example.

Once again, they are coming out with something different - looking to engage with Jobseekers throughout the day - with outdoor digital displays at rail and tube stations as well as on the roadside. Additional digital elements will feature on mobile, tablet and PCs. We have featured one of the new Ads in our cover page article, one ad below and have both ads which are released running in our Video Player.

Monster.co.uk Find Better TV Campaign


GradWeb, the entry level and graduate recruitment outsourcing specialists, announce the launch of an industry first: The Graduate Recruitment Insights Report

Newbury UK – GradWeb, the entry level, graduate and campaign recruitment outsourcing specialists, announce the launch of an industry first - The Graduate Recruitment Insights Report. The Report provides definitive, multi-sector research into graduate recruitment campaign trends and will be launched in London on the 26th February 2013.

As competition increases for the best entry-level talent, employers need to benchmark their recruitment programmes effectively. The research is the first of its kind to identify the key trends in UK Graduate Recruitment based on campaign data from multiple employers from different vertical markets including Engineering, FMCG, Telecommunications and Public Sector. Attending the event will enable you to find out what sources perform best for graduates by job role, university, sector and diversity.

•        Analysis of graduate recruitment campaign data from the past three years

•        Data generated from more than 75,000 candidate job applications each year

•        Find out the best candidate sources, media, volumes and hiring statistics by graduate job role

Bullhorn signs new EMEA enterprise sales head

Posted by: Peter Linas in Untagged  on

Peter Linas

15 January 2013, London - Former Broadbean Technology sales director Dan Cohen, today joins Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software, as its new EMEA enterprise sales director.

The appointment follows a seven year career at Broadbean Technology. Cohen helped build the organisation from six employees in 2005 to more than 140 in 2013. As a UK recruitment leader, Cohen has been widely recognised with accolades from APSCo, Recruiter Magazine, Onrec, and the National Sales Awards.

Heading up the enterprise sales team in his new role, Cohen will be drawing on his experience of dealing with the largest recruitment agencies in the market to grow Bullhorn's international presence.

Cohen comments: "I helped grow Broadbean from a small company into a market leader in multiple job posting and CV search software, which was an incredible experience. I was drawn to work with Bullhorn's EMEA division because it too is at a really exciting stage in its development.

"Bullhorn has worked closely with Broadbean since its arrival in the UK and I have seen how quickly the market has adopted the SaaS solution. I am looking forward to working with the team to help them continue the incredible growth they have achieved over the last three years."

Bullhorn's international MD Peter Linas reflects on the appointment: "Dan's track record speaks for itself. He is renowned for his work at Broadbean where he drove 100 per cent sales increases year-on-year, even through the recession. Broadbean is an innovative tech company which makes Dan the perfect individual to drive enterprise sales at Bullhorn. We are now expanding internationally so getting someone with Dan's experience and knowhow is a great move for us."

SilkRoad Expands International Operations,Accelerates Innovation and Customer Adoption in Q3 2012

Momentum for SilkRoad Fuelled by International Growth, Product Innovation and Customer Acquisitions

November 2012, LONDON, UK SilkRoad, the leading independent software company specialising in award-winning and innovative social talent management solutions, today reported record customer growth during the third quarter. The company’s recently acquired customers range from a global financial firm to companies such as Microfocus, Britvic and mortgage supplier Acenden. In addition, SilkRoad made significant investments in growing its international operations and enhancing the mobile and application integration capabilities of its Life Suite software.

“Over the last year, record levels of resources have been dedicated to the Human Capital Management industry, further validating the future and promise of HR in the cloud,” said Flip Filipowski, CEO of SilkRoad.  “Our main priority is to continue to innovate, giving our customers access to the most advanced social talent management platform available. Over the past quarter this commitment has seen us acquire many new customers, and we expect this growth to continue as the economy gains momentum.” 

Highlights from the Quarter:

On Wednesday 7th November I felt compelled to take part in that week's edition of #tchat, Smart Mission - Hire Vets, for a recap of the Twitter discussion click here: http://www.talentculture.com/career/tchat-recap-smart-mission-hire-vets/

This took place on the same day (in the UK at least) that Barack Obama was confirmed as the victor in the US Presidential Election, four days before Remembrance Sunday and, most compellingly for me, on the 5th anniversary of the passing of my grandfather, Patrick "Pomp" Barry DFM, to whom I dedicate this blog.

                                   My grandfather with his father and brother outside Buckingham Palace where he received the DFM from the King


My grandfather was born in Blackpool, County Cork on the 1st March 1919 and received no more than a rudimentary education before, after the outbreak of the Second World War, he decided to join the RAF to fight for the British. Being from Eire, and therefore neutral, he did not have to fight in the war but, as he himself would often joke, the Irish like a good fight. He was a rear gunner in a Lancaster bomber and flew many dangerous missions over Nazi Germany, the last of which was one of the famous "Peenemünde Raids" to destroy the V2 Rocket factories. On the way home from this mission the aircraft was struck by shrapnel and my grandfather sustained serious wounds, mostly to his leg, which required what was at the time pioneering reconstructive surgery. My grandfather was awarded the DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal) for his part in the crucial bombing raids after which he was sent to recuperate with a family in Liverpool, and it was here that he met the love of his life, Marie Chandler, and they were married on 29th March 1945. After the war he joined the British Post Office, whom he served with distinction until he retired in 1987 after 41 years' service despite his war wounds.

Founder of Spencer Ogden wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

15 November 2012, London, UK – David Spencer-Percival was last night awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the Recruitment International awards. The award falls in the middle of Global Entrepreneur Week and just a day after he and his business, Spencer Ogden, were honoured as finalists in two National Business Awards categories, industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

Commenting on the win, Spencer-Percival said: “It was a great event and a wonderful surprise. It is a particularly special honour to be recognised by peers in your industry.”

Judges of the Entrepreneur of the Year category were looking for a visionary leader who had driven impressive increases in revenue. Their achievements to date had to be exceptional, and they needed to have gained the respect and admiration of their staff and the industry as a whole. For Spencer-Percival, demonstrating this proved easy.

Since launching Spencer Ogden in 2010 - the first energy recruitment agency to specialise in all eight sectors of the energy sector - Spencer-Percival has grown the business to an annual turnover of £29m in under three years. He now runs eight offices in markets including Asia, America and Europe, and employs nearly 200 consultants and 300 contractors. It is an impressive feat, given that just three years ago he had no knowledge of the energy market.

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