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Cabinet Office recruitment spend triples

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Peter Linas

The Cabinet Office spent three times more on recruitment in 2012/2013
compared to the previous year, according to figures we at Bullhorn obtained
under the Freedom of Information (FoI) act. A rise in recruitment spending is a trend witnessed across several ministerial departments, with seven of the nine departments that responded to the FoI request revealing increases.

The figures show that, in general, government spending on recruitment is on the rise, with the Department for Education coming in as a close second to the Cabinet Office with a 254 per cent increase in spending. The exceptions to this trend, however, are the House of Commons, which registered a 38 per cent decrease in spending compared to the previous year, and the Department of Health, which saw a 33 per cent decrease.

As government departments increase their recruitment spend, it is essential the money is spent efficiently.  

The recruiters surveyed in our annual recruitment trends report reported an average hit rate in the public sector of 34 per cent which was ten per cent lower than the industry with the best hit rates - healthcare. This means there's room for improvement and recruiters servicing the public sector need to make sure their using the latest techniques to attract the best candidates. One of these techniques is the proper use of social media - primarily Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - to fill positions. The Bullhorn 2013 European Trends Report revealed that increased access to passive candidates via social media was ranked as the biggest opportunity in 2013 for staffing and recruitment professionals.

Bullhorn requested recruitment spend data from all 24 ministerial departments for 2011/12 and 2012/13.

Clever business

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Peter Linas

It’s a well-known saying in recruitment – if you get the numbers right, business success will follow. Business intelligence is essential for managing performance as it enables a company to set goals, allocate resources and measure whether objectives are met. There are many different variables that can be used to measure performance. Our Bullhorn 2013 European Recruitment Trends report revealed that 82 per cent of survey respondents base employee success on the number of placements they secure. Other forms of measurement used in the recruitment industry include number of job orders received, placement ratios, time-to-fill, number of contracts secured and number of interviews set. 

On my travels I have come across recruitment agencies that insist the key performance indicators (KPIs) they are using are the best ones to measure employee success, but why limit the data you’re collecting and analysing? A holistic approach to business intelligence gives managers a more accurate view of the strengths and weaknesses within their teams as they base decisions on every relevant KPI. 

It’s important to note though that accurate data input is essential for good KPIs and agencies should be wary of this when implementing business intelligence solutions. Equally important is the ability to quickly extract the data in an easy to understand format. All employees, not just managers, can benefit from having real time access to information about productivity and how the time they spend on day-to-day activities results in revenue generated.

Accessible business intelligence can increase output per recruiter, make it easier to manage staff, create a competitive environment to motivate recruiters and promote better use of a company’s systems.

Bullhorn provides reporting and analytics tailored specifically to the recruitment sector. This technology enables fact-based decision making based on real-time business intelligence that is specifically customised for each individual employee. Get the numbers right and success will follow - business intelligence software has made this easier than ever before!

LONDON, 12 June 2013
Launchpad Recruits' Mobile App is the first of its kind released which allows candidates to complete their video interview from any IOS LaunchPad Recruits Logodevice such as an Iphone, Ipod or Ipad. This makes Video Interviewing even more accessible, allowing candidates to complete their video interviews on the go using the technology they have in their pocket.

LaunchPad Recruits is a leading recorded video screening provider - who support innovative businesses to reengineer their recruitment process and deliver an exceptional and engaging candidate experience. LaunchPad Recruits work closely with their clients to refine both the user and candidate experience and develop features which add real value and don't interfere with the flow of your recruitment process. LaunchPad have seen enormous demand for the mobile enabled video interviews from customers who want candidates to be able to quickly engage with their recruitment process.

Kirstie Kelly-BattWith 87% of the world population being mobile enabled, and an expected 8 billion mobile users by 2016, it's clear that mobile recruitment is the way forward.

"Great candidates recognise that they want to connect with employers when they are on the move. Providing them with the opportunity to interview at a time and place to suit their careers and life shows that their prospective employer is truly forward thinking. Not only does this improve engagement, it also speeds the recruitment process to match the pace of your hiring needs." says Kirstie Kelly-Batt, Head of Sales and Marketing for LaunchPad.

UK based recruitment agencies that are placing candidates outside of the UK often receive placement fees in local currencies and then have to organise repatriation of funds back to the UK. Such transactions are often automatically executed via a clearing bank and the Recruitment Company incurs a significant cost (2-5%) when repatriating funds.

One method that recruitment agencies can look at to mitigate the costs of managing their currency transactions is to work with a specialist Foreign Exchange company. This approach enables clients to significantly reduce their costs when exchanging currencies while providing the ability to use risk management tools such as Market Orders to ensure they get the best rates. For example, it is often the best strategy is to allow foreign funds to reach an agreed volume before exchanging into GBP to reduce the amount of transactions and receive a better volume rate of exchange.

Ebury Partners LogoCase Study
A recruitment company that places candidates across Europe has a sales turnover of £3m and an annual FX turnover of £1m. The company normally uses their clearing bank to repatriate placement fees and cover offices costs. Ebury Partners, offering a far more competitive rate for the company’s FX transactions, was able to save the company 2.5% (£25,000) on their annual FX turnover.

Morgan McKinley has undertaken a full strategic rollout of Bullhorn’s on-demand, cloud-based recruitment software. The move is designed to consolidate the recruiter’s business activities across its operations in ten countries, and provide Morgan McKinley’s team with access to a single recruitment platform worldwide.

Having successfully trialled Bullhorn in its Paris office since January 2012, the company is now committed to a worldwide rollout which will reach completion in Q2 2013. By that stage, Morgan McKinley will have over 500 Bullhorn users in ten countries.

Don Ryan, Morgan McKinley Group IT Director, comments: “When we made the decision to change from our current provider, partnering with a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) multitenant solution was essential to make the switch worthwhile. The chosen provider had to be able to demonstrate that its system would deliver tangible benefits to the business.

“After completing an extensive review, Bullhorn was selected. The Bullhorn team demonstrated its ability to deliver a global solution backed up by examples of existing geographically dispersed businesses and the solution capably provides the strategic efficiencies we were looking for.”

Hiring Unicorns HR Event for Tech Recruitment

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Alan Whitford

Hiring Unicorns LogoHiring Unicorns - HR Summit is a regular bi monthly after-work drinks and networking event for tech sector CEO's, Directors, HR professionals and everyone interested in keeping up to date with current Human Talent trends and developments.

One of the biggest challenges facing high growth technology companies is in attracting and hiring the most talented developers especially passive and highly experienced candidates , often referred to as " Unicorns" due to their scarcity. However, this event aims to dispel this myth and show that by implementing the right innovative strategies and company culture, it becomes a very effective process for any company - whether they are a bootstrapped startup or an established company.

Hiring Unicorns - HR Summit will feature speakers from Linkedin, Google, Yammer and more who will share their unique insights, practical advise and provide case studies on what has made their respective companies so successful.

Sessions will provide powerful insights & arm you with actionable strategies that you can put into practice immediately. The speakers will cover topics such as;
Passive Candidate Sourcing, Employer Branding , Company Culture, Employee / Candidate Referrals

RCEURO.com readers qualify for free tickets for the evening event, which is running from 18:00 - 22:00 in the City of London. If you are interested in attending, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Or register using the code: UNICORN_FREE.

Hiring Unicorns Infographic

Recruitment software specialist demonstrates its commitment to customer service


PeopleBank, the recruitment software specialist, today announces that it has been accredited with the internationally recognised ISO9001 standard, highlighting its dedication to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

This independent assessment, conducted by the leading Certification Body, the British Assessment Bureau, is only awarded to companies who can demonstrate that they have a quality management system in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certifications are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained.

Organisations that have a global focus often stipulate that suppliers must hold internationally recognised standards for the service they supply. Through being awarded with the ISO9001 accreditation, PeopleBank is now able to prove the quality of their service on an international level and fulfil existing and prospective customer expectations.

GradWeb crowned ‘Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation’ at the prestigious Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2013.

GradWeb, the entry-level and graduate recruitment outsourcing specialists, has been named the ‘Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation’ at the 2013 Recruiter Awards for Excellence.

The Recruiter Awards for Excellence recognise, reward and celebrate the outstanding achievements in recruitment over the last 12 months and were held at a gala ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 1st May.

Open to all major recruitment specialists and judged by a diverse panel of leading business experts from some of the biggest names in the recruitment industry the award recognises outstanding client service, effectiveness and efficiency by an Outsourcing Recruitment Organisation.

According to the judges, GradWeb was the ‘stand-out winner’ in the award category, successfully demonstrating the delivery of cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors. The judges particularly highlighted the innovation required in not simply providing an off-the-shelf solution but creating bespoke recruitment services tailored to fit the unique and exacting challenges faced by today’s businesses. They said;

“GradWeb provides its diverse clients with the ability to reach the right candidates through methods such as its innovative online recruitment technology to attract and reach the right candidates; its Intelligent Attraction’ approach to improve the effectiveness of clients’ campaigns and its end-to-end services including concept design, marketing, candidate management, screening and assessment”.

This week I moved my desk to the other side of the office to sit with our development team. Within my Marketing responsibilities at Qandidate.com I work closely with the development team, when it comes to product design and scope, so I decided to move my desk from one side of the office to the other, to sit in the development area.

When I say development team (or SCRUM team), think about a bunch of bright people, almost all of them are Gen Y. They are eager, smart, fun and really knowledgeable in the area they are responsible for. I know, talking stereotypes here, but its a typical example of a young generation who want to spend their time at a growing and vibrant tech start-up to make some fun and build cool stuff. You’ll get the picture.

So imagine a marketeer surrounded by a bunch of bright Gen Y developers. In the 2 days I’m sitting here now, I learned a couple of things:

  1. WordPress is for the lazy marketeer.
    (Sorry, colleagues out there)
  2. Technology is never a blocking issue.
    It’s the person who’s not making up his mind or not exploring the opportunities far enough.
  3. Innovation is an attitude.
    Despite of all the articles and blogs which I have read over the last couple of years. The power to innovate is part of a person’s DNA. Of course a company need to provide the right infrastructure and atmosphere, but if you’re not open for new collaborative thinking, you won’t get it.
  4. It isn’t about instant messaging
    It’s about instant feedback.
  5. Collaboration
    Thinking about social business and exploring social collaboration tools for your company? Talk with your development team and learn why tools like IRC and GitHub are driving real value to this part of your employees.
  6. Email is already dead
    While (HR) executives are still talking about reducing emails and exploring the implementation of social collaboration tools, these guys have already abandoned email. I haven’t seen a single email program on one of those 24 screens around me. I basically need to tell the guys that they have received an email from me.
  7. Learning
    Learning gets a complete new dimension. It’s about self-learning. When was the last time you were hanging out with your peers at Starbucks at 7am to discuss and experiment business related initiatives?
  8. And last…
    Never leave your laptop with these guys without password protection …. (although I have no illusion that password protection will make a huge difference…)

So, if this is the next generation of techies…what is your recruitment action plan to engage with this generation?

Ralph is responsible for marketing at Qandidate.com. He has worked his whole career at IT consultancy and software companies of which the last 6 years in the global recruitment space. He will share once in a while his view on life at Qandidate.com , marketing and recruitment. Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Ebsta launches dedicated Bullhorn tool

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Peter Linas
CRM productivity specialist Ebsta has developed and launched a dedicated tool for Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software. The move is in response to high demand from Bullhorn users for a dedicated Ebsta add-on that can follow them around the web and increase their productivity while they work outside of the Bullhorn CRM/ATS.

The new tool is a huge success and Ebsta has already signed up more than 50 recruitment agencies in the last six weeks including leading energy recruiter, Spencer Ogden.

Ebsta founder and CEO Guy Rubin commented that “Bullhorn is fast becoming the standard in recruitment software and entire businesses are being built on the back of its open API. If you’re not working with the best then you’ll be left behind – the rule applies to software developers and recruiters alike! Bullhorn is now a global brand and that means that its partners have access to a global market.

“Bullhorn’s API maturity means we can offer customers a better, deeper integrated experience, which has actually seen the price per user drop.”

Early Ebsta for Bullhorn sales are not just concentrated in the UK, with activity also seen in America, Australia and other territories around the world.

How to become Best-in-Class

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Hannah Stacey


SilkRoad customer eBay has been selected by Aberdeen Group as a Best-in-Class business after implementing an exemplary onboarding programme. A case study of the on-line store is used in the research company’s Onboarding 2013: A Look at New Hires report, which analyses the onboarding practices of 230 organisations.

eBay invested in technology from SilkRoad in order  to automate form management as well as tasks and the socialisation aspect of onboarding. As a result, the company cut the administrative costs of onboarding by a quarter and reduced the number of onboarding steps by 60 per cent. This helped them improve business productivity and reduce operational outlay.

Firms considered by Aberdeen Group as Best-in-Class share characteristics such as a commitment to aligning onboarding objectives with company goals and using strategic initiatives to drive engagement and productivity. Key to being recognised was the fact that they had all invested in technology to aid in the onboarding process.

Nicholas Roi, Managing Director of SilkRoad UK comments: “We are proud that, as a result of our technology, eBay has been chosen to represent ideal onboarding practices in Aberdeen Group’s report. The report states that the selection and implementation of onboarding solutions, and the way in which they are integrated with talent management systems, plays a vital role in promoting business performance and growth – eBay is a prime example of a company putting this strategy into action and achieving outstanding results.”

Online dental recruitment agencies are perhaps the newest addition to the industry right now in terms of looking for ideal posts and submitting applications with ease.
However, despite the fact that the concept has only been around for a short time, a number of competing services have already emerged with their own unique takes on what ‘service’ actually means.

And not to put too fine a point on it, their actual potential for getting folk where they need to be varies quite drastically to say the least – you need to have your wits about you and know what to look out for in a viable dental recruitment agency that’s on the ball.

Recruitment Agency or Network?

First up, there is a massive difference between an online dental recruitment agency and a dental recruitment network – the latter of the two being the one to look out for.

In the simplest of terms, a recruitment agency might take on the task of gathering candidates’ data and passing it on to suitable employers, and a network is exactly that – a huge community of employers, dental professionals and graduates from all over the industry coming together with collective and shared goals.
These kind of networks allow for incredible control of accounts and freedom of applications, the likes of which can make all the difference in the world.

One-Way or Two-Way?

Next up, it’s vital to look into whether it’s all a one-way street in terms of submitting applications, or whether it’s a two-way street where employers/recruiters can actually make the first move and get in touch with the candidates directly.

Candidates that sign up with a ‘two-way’ network stand infinitely higher chances of being head-hunted by employers as their CVs and profiles are working on their behalf around the clock - not just when they make the effort to submit an application.

Non-Profit or Business Run?

And finally, those that run as non-profit organisations – at least in terms of fees for candidates – are always going to be safer options than those demanding cash to get started in the first place.
Technically speaking, you should never have to hand over a penny to get your name and your profile in front of suitable employers.

The Risks of Poor Employment Screening

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Sara Wells
When most think about the concept of employment screening they of course think of the basic, perhaps remedial background checks carried out on any and all applicants before being considered for a post. More often than not, any standard business or recruiter will be insistent on verifying things like education, qualifications and relevant experience by requesting documents and perhaps written references.

However, given the way in which it’s not exactly difficult to produce any number of documents with a home computer and printer, are checks at such a level really enough?

Not that it’s ever productive to enter into any recruitment drive with suspicion and cynicism, but there’s also no escaping the fact that CV screening really isn’t as black and white as it used to be. With a job market that’s never been more ferocious or congested in terms of applicants for every single post out there, it’s inevitable that some will be more than willing to cross the line into misleading recruiters in order to get the proverbial foot in the door.

Now, while in most instances this kind of CV and application embellishment is minor, it’s nonetheless impossible to take any application at face-value and know which areas ring true and which are completely to the contrary. As such, it is a case of not only carrying out employee and CV screening, but carrying out deep and consistent screening that doesn’t in any way allow assumptions to creep into the equation.

Poor employee screening will in most instances lead to nothing more than a few untruths slipping the net here and there, but the problem is that once an untruth has been uncovered, bonds of trust are broken and chances are the relationship with the person concerned will never be the same again. And then there are those that fully overstate their experience and capabilities, thus end up filling roles that should have been passed on to far more competent candidates.

Right at the far reaches of the table there are also those with the most questionable of backgrounds that aren’t exactly likely to plead their case with honesty when looking to land a job. As such, it’s either a case of consistent CV screening to find out their truth in advance, or leaving it in the lap of the Gods and finding out the hard way.

There are just too many risks and none are worth taking – professional CV screening should be considered mandatory.

How Modern Communication is Impacting HR

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Derin Clark

In the last decade the world of HR has changed drastically. Once HR departments were a hive of activity that bridged the gap between employers and employees. It was where relationships between the company and its workers were built, where staff could go when they had a problem and where managers would drop by to keep updated with their team's progress.

Today, HR departments are being scaled back and HR Directors are more likely to be emailing and updating LinkedIn than making phone calls. Where once there was the constant hum of the fax machine now there is the clicking of keyboard keys. It is not just HR departments that are changing, but the workplace in general.

Communication is now instant, constant and, for the most part, free. As such, all areas of workplace communication is quicker and available at any time of the day, or night. HR has traditionally been at the centre of a company's internal communication, so HR Directors have been at the forefront of these changes.  

But what have these changes meant for HR Directors and Managers? 

Despite the rapidly changing HR industry, it essence still comes down to communication. It is still the job of HR professionals to bridge the gap between employers and employees. HR departments have retained their unique place in the office that oversees all the workforce, the hub that keeps it all working smoothly. 

Bullhorn takes 2013 by the horns

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Peter Linas

Today Bullhorn has unveiled its global plans for 2013 and has announced London as the company’s international hub.

The most exciting thing for us in 2013 will be our expansion into new regions. We’re investing in our products, our people and in our physical expansion. We’re currently hiring our first employees in mainland Europe who will be based in the Netherlands and have added another three to our team in the north of England.

Taking our CRM, Bullhorn Reach, and the Bullhorn Marketplace into non-English speaking markets is a huge challenge but our prospects in those countries are ready for an integrated cloud solution that addresses the unique workflow requirements of the recruitment sector. We’re currently working on expanding the functionality of our mobile platform.

Existing users will see big changes to Bullhorn’s accessibility by the end of the year, including browser independence, meaning that Bullhorn will be usable in Safari, Firefox and Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer.

Our offices in the heart of London’s ‘Tech City’, are hard to miss from street level and signify a year of great change for the company – which has gone from start-up to UK market leader in under four years.

Why Recruiting Talent is Good for Business

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Derin Clark

Recruiting talented employees is what businesses are ultimately aiming for when they hire recruitment specialists. That's because business owners know that it is these workers who will have an impact on the success of the company.

It is talented employees who often drive a business forward. They are the ones who come into meetings full of good ideas, who put in the extra effort to ensure a project is completed, and who inspire their colleagues to achieve better results.

As a recruiter it is your job to find these employees and to make sure a company has a talent management policy in place to retain its talent. 

There is no point in searching through endless CVs and organising interviews in an effort to find the talent amongst the large number of ordinary job candidates, only for the company to not retain its talented employees in the long-term.

Talent management in fact covers the whole process of securing and retaining talented employees. However many recruiters know what to look for when interviewing job candidates, what can be harder is ensuring these workers stay with the company for a number of years. 

Nearly two thirds of companies do, or plan to bolster their recruiting and hiring efforts with internal social networking technology according to a whitepaper by SilkRoad Technology. Just over half, 54 per cent, do or will use social technology to supplement in-house learning and development while 34 per cent do or will use it to support performance management.

The results are from SilkRoad’s ‘The State of Talent Management ‘2013’, a white paper based on eight surveys issued to 5,753 professionals in the HR industry in 2012. It focuses on social media and talent management, learning and compliance, recruitment and transition management, human resource management systems, and the state of employee engagement.

Nicholas Roi, managing director of SilkRoad Technology UK comments: “Talent management is a fast-moving industry, and every year brings new trends. Emerging technologies are having a marked effect on the way in which employees engage with their employer, which is of vital importance, considering the significant rise in mobile workforce numbers globally.”

As well as identifying the shift towards social technology use in talent management, the report discusses the increasing trend for organisations to rely on cloud-based Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). More than a quarter (26 per cent) said that they now use pure-cloud systems, and a further 20 per cent combine their in-house installed system with a cloud solution.

Respondents also reported difficulties in assessing the value of engagement programmes. SilkRoad questioned this point and found that most (58 per cent) rely on annual employee surveys to measure engagement while 48 per cent hold ’regularly scheduled town hall meetings’. Currently 16 per cent use social media tools for measurement.

Bond Adapt Integrates With cube19

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Jenny Williams

Integration To Boost Recruiters's Performace And Enhance Sales

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, today announces the integration between Bond Adapt v11– the specialist portfolio of recruitment applications – with cube19, the visual analytics company that brings sophisticated cloud-based business intelligence and actionable analytics to the global recruitment market.

As a result of this integrated technology, the recruitment industry will be able to draw upon analytics and performance management data taken directly from Bond Adapt v11 and view them using cube19’s highly visual user interface. These analytics will help individual recruiters to improve performance as well as making it easier for Managers and Directors to manage their business and people. cube19 is proven to accelerate sales growth by delivering actionable analytics to recruiters. The focus on creating consistency in the recruitment process leads to higher job fulfilment rates and an increase in revenue. Through using the data gathered by Bond Adapt v11, a recruiter can view relevant and optimised data specific to their individual requirements in addition to team and group data. As such, recruiters are able to see which of their processes drives revenue, amend current practices and tailor internal targets accordingly to increase billing activity and enhance overall business performance.

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “Bond Adapt brings a unique flexibility to recruiters and is the ideal CRM system to work in conjunction with cube19. The powerful insight which can be delivered from the integration brings recruiters a unique method of self-assessment and introspection. Having the capability to integrate valuable activity based data recorded within the Adapt CRM platform at a holistic level, with a powerful visual analytics tool, enables us to deliver a clear and bespoke representation of business performance to our customers.”

Dan McGuire, CEO, cube19, concludes, “In order for users to get the best out of their analytics, the data which the system provides must be reliable. We know that the Bond Adapt platform is sufficiently robust to present dependable data and therefore our analysis is relevant, accurate and valuable. Through having access to the right data, we have proven that our analytics can highlight improvements to business processes that deliver significant sales uplift. We challenge conventional thinking when it comes to creating performance metrics and have identified new ways to measure and motivate recruiters which are unique to cube19. This results in changing the manner in which recruitment teams interact with their candidates and vacancies ultimately benefiting recruiters and clients alike.”

MPC is managing a global pipeline of creative talent

Ryan Broad, Head Global of Recruitment, is the final speaker today at the Recruiter Magazine's Smart Resourcing knowledge sharing Ryan Broad, MPCevent at The Kings Fund, London. He starts with a video of the production elements of their Oscar winning efforts on Life of Pi.

MPC creates high-end digital visual effects and computer animation for the feature film, advertising, music and television industries. A wholly owned subsidiary of Technicolor, our bases in Soho London, Santa Monica LA and Vancouver Canada and are purpose-built facilities, each with a dedicated digital infrastructure designed and built for our future. Our studios are inspirational, spacious and welcoming, creating both an intimate yet professional environment.

What has Ryan covered?

  • Getting to the right recruiting strategy
  • Using conventional recruitment technologies in unconventional ways
  • Strategic resourcing and talent pipelining doesn't cost the earth
  • Proactive sourcing for effortless execution
  • My vision for future hiring interactions

Typical recruitment approach is a very linear hiring process, but in the creative world and project based business, the talent community needs to be more flexible and a self service model. The 18,000 candidates can update availability, add new ‘show rules’ and other pro-active elements.

This is true ‘just in time’ hiring, as the company can only really bid on new projects if they know the potential staff resource is available for interview and hire. This segment is roughly 2,800 people at all times.

This also enables MPC to know where to potentially allocate the work, from Vancouver to London to Bangalore.

Understanding the candidates and what is of value to them.
1 The work - it’s the movies
2 The technology is really cool and cutting edge
3 Their friends are there

Social media strategy based on those principles.
The most important is that 'my friends work there'.
Challenge is the breadth and depth of groups on LinkedIn, Facebook that MPC needs to get its messages out to. Roughly 150 places. Using Hootsuite hootsuite.com/ to manage the messaging engagement across all the social platforms. Categorise groups, determine best times to post and use reporting to fine tune.

Content is the king for messaging. What do the employees really enjoy about work and use that as the relevant content. For example, it is the technical breakdown of making movies. MPC Prometheus VFX Breakdown has had over 240,000 hits which is a great recruitment tool.

Some Conclusions
Interesting use of ‘open requisitions’ which enables true tracking of candidate availability

Next iteration of the Self Service approach to candidate management - get back to the candidate managing availability, setting meetings/interviews, choosing projects that are interesting and sharing out to the rest of the industry.

Paul Modley on the LOCOG Recruitment Project

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Alan Whitford

We are at the Recruiter Magazine Smart Resourcing knowledge sharing event taking place on 28 February 2013 at The Kings Fund, London.

For me, one of the highlights of the day is Paul Modley, former Head of Recruitment for LOCOG, the operating body for the London Olympics 2012. A terrific warts and all view of putting in place the structure, technology and processes to hire a massive temporary direct and indirect workforce.

  • How LOCOG used the power of the Games and the Olympic brand to recruit a highly engaged workforce
  • RPO, was it the right approach and did it achieve the right outcome?
  • How LOCOG successfully integrated diversity and inclusion into the recruitment programmes
  • Local community engagement is critical in delivering your resourcing strategy - an insight in to how this was accomplished

Some Highlights

Work closely with Adecco as the RPO, including Adecco hiring a senior individual to run the account

hollaroo logoWork closely with Hollaroo to build a talent community for all employees of the Olympics and for the benefit initially of the sponsors and suppliers. This has since been opened up to any UK employer. Currently more than 500 employers have access to a talent pool of up to 200,000 individuals.

Diverstity and Inclusivity
23.5% of workforce hired from local community (6 host boroughs)
39% were previously unemployed

Employment and Skills Board chaired by the Chief Executive
Skills council to develop areas like Chef, customer service and other sills based roles.

Some other lessons

  • RPO was good, but possibly outsourced too much
  • Forensic planning was critical to the successful deliver of the recruitment programme
  • Robust communications and engagement plan to steer the workforce on the journey
  • Set your sights high with Diversity and Inclusion - it is not a separate approach but is integrated in the complete business approach

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