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Bullhorn Launches Free Social Recruiting Platform

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Peter Linas
Bullhorn Launches Free Social Recruiting Platform
“Reach is the UK’s leading intelligence-based social networking recruitment tool”

Recruitment Growing in Hopeful Economy

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David Lyons

Based on a recent study done by Executive Grapevine, companies are positioning themselves for an economic upturn due to positive economic indicators. A growing factor in this positioning is their increased use of recruiters to fill the top ranks.

As the recent recession has forced companies to pare staff down to the bare minimum, those with the foresight to hire the many available, experienced, and qualified executives released during the downturn will be in an advantageous situation when positive economic activity builds momentum. One of the results of the recession though, is that these companies pared their recruiting staff along with all the other areas of their business.

In the difficult position of trying to enact massive recruitment activity with a small staff, companies in the UK are increasing their reliance on independent recruitment professionals to solve the dilemma. According to the study, even at this early point in the economic turnaround, corporate recruitment assignments have risen over 5% in the last 12 months (the first positive 12 month period since 2008).

Along with the rising demand for recruitment, the salaries for top level employees is rising with the market's recognition of growing demand. Due to this, actual fees paid to recruitment firms have risen 15% in the same period.

While eBoss recruitment software   users clearly have the advantage with the organisational tools at hand, any UK recruitment firm ready and able to demonstrate its professionalism and work ethic by reaching out to new clients through advertising campaigns or other means stands to benefit from the situation. After several years of virtual stagnation, the hopeful economy represents one of the greatest opportunities for recruitment firms since World War II.

As the rising demand pushes salaries for new hires, a growing number of companies recognising the danger of losing quality employees are following suit by offering pay increases to their existing staff. The fees available to recruiters for positions with salaries under £200,000 have actually fallen during this period, indicating that the biggest gains are being made in the upper level employment areas. While this is likely to change as the momentum really builds, this early indicator is that companies are competing for top level staff to be the nucleus around which the next decade of business is build.

The signs are clear, the proactive businesses are preparing themselves to take full advantage of an economic upturn by hiring top level staff, and proactive recruitment professionals are making better fees than ever providing them with what they want.

Pictured at the launch of the Sonru White Paper entitled 'The Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing' held at the AGR Conference is Daniel Richard, UK Managing Director of Sonru.com pictured with Marina Aldridge, Board member of the AGR, and David Barrett, Managing Director, Cut-e Ireland/UK/Singapore/India/Southeast Asia, and co-author of the white paper.

Sonru, a multi award winning video interviewing technology company, today announced the release of a white paper entitled, “The Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing.” The paper presents research findings on candidates’ awareness / attitudes and actual experience of automated video interviews.

Marina Aldridge, Board member of the AGR, who offically launched the white paper on the first day of the AGR Conference commented; “It is encouraging to see fact-based evidence under-pinning the use of new technologies in the search for talent globally and this white paper will make compelling reading for anyone interested in learning more about candidates’ experience of video interviewing in the recruitment process.”

David Barrett, Managing Director, Cut-e Ireland/UK/Singapore/India/Southeast Asia, and co-author added, ‘this white paper clearly demonstrates the acceptance and preference among candidates for online screening technologies such as automated video interviewing while at the same time providing recruiters and hiring managers with gains in validity, accuracy and cost effectiveness. The use of new media technologies in the recruitment process fits with candidates’ current usage in work, education and life and provides an ‘impressive’ means for employers to interact with potential recruits in a medium that is both natural and convenient to them.”
Key Findings
• ‘Excited to gain a new experience’ emerged as the most dominant first impression.
• The majority of respondents recorded positive feelings when invited to complete the video interview and when probed further, over half of the respondents were ‘impressed’ with the concept of an automated video interview, with statements such as, “It’s nice to see a company that isn’t afraid of using the latest technology for something like recruiting.”
• More respondents would prefer a video interview (automated and live) to a face-to-face interview.

• Three times as many respondents would prefer an automated video interview to a telephone-screening interview.

Kamanchi invests in staffing industry skills

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Philip McMullan

Recruitment technology specialist Kamanchi has made two key hires as part of its ongoing programme to promote best practice in how staffing firms make the most of their IT resources.

Mike Jewsbury has been appointed as Recruitment Technology Learning Manager while Samra Ali joins the company as Recruitment Technology Learning Consultant

Mike has a strong track record in recruitment, previously working in senior roles at Spring Group, Adecco and Randstad while Samra arrives at Kamanchi from Hays.  

Mike and Samra will work with recruitment firms to help them get the most from their CRM systems and the wealth of new applications available to staffing firms in the cloud. They have already started work on a YouTube channel which will allow recruitment consultants to acquire business critical skills by e-learning.

“Both Samra and I have worked as recruitment consultants and know how important good IT skills are to do the job well,” says Mike. “I’m always astounded by companies who invest in recruitment technology but don’t invest in training their staff to make the most of the tools available.”

“I am delighted to welcome Mike and Samra to Kamanchi,” comments Commercial Director Raymond Pennie. “We are committed to making sure that the recruitment industry employs technology as well as it can to improve efficiency, deliver to clients and, of course, help the bottom line.”  

3 reasons why I am looking forward to #SRCONF 2011

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Andy Young

I tend not to blog. Last time round was November last year. Why? Two main reasons. I need to feel particularly strongly about something and secondly, I think there are so many more people who are better at it that I am and who are much more worth reading
But last year, I went to SRCONF in London and loved it. And that's why I am planning to attend again this year. In fact, after the conference last year where speakers such as Jennifer Candee from SAB Miller and Matt Jefferies, then of EA Games fame inspired me with their wisdom and knowledge, I went back to the ranch and banged the #SRCONF drum until I was blue in the face.
The good news is that as a result of my drumming, at least one member of our esteemed leadership team will be attending this year, no doubt with a plan to take away newly acquired learnings back to our business and look to see how we can improve the way in which we embrace social recruiting from an agency perspective. Sure we've made some strides, but keeping up and then ahead has to be the goal in my humble opinion. Innovate or die as they say!
So here, very simply and straightforwardly I highlight the 3 main reasons I'm looking forward to Social Recruiting Conference 2011

  1. The people - I only scratched the surface last year, but those I did meet such as@alanwhitford were so giving and passionate in what they had to say and share and this year I'm looking forward to hearing speakers such as @recruitgal AKA Katie McNab fromPepsico who has certainly been an innovative and provocative voice in the twittershere. Not to mention two old colleagues and friends in @mervyndinnen and @garelaos - guest tweeter and panelist respectively. Follow them all on twitter, you won't be disappointed

  2. The content - Last year was a real eye opener for me, it really was. Arguably, I'm operating at one of the last frontiers of recruitment as we used to know it (contingent agency side). But this is real Star Trek, " but not as we know it Jim" stuff.

    Free wallpaper

    And it's happening in front of our very eyes. NOW! I find this both daunting and exciting in equal measure and I'll be aiming to follow up SRCONF 2011 with which bits daunted and which bits excited after we've heard everything on the 30 June.

  3. Putting it into action - this bit for me is the non negotiable. I'd be a liar if I said I was not occasionally frustrated in using my time and energies effecitvely at getting others on board to what is happening out there in the changing world of recruitment. I also know that there are others that share that frustration, probably even more than I do in certain circles! :-) But I'm already delighted that the company that I work for has at least one member from it's Leadership team attending the event next Thursday, so arguably we have our best chance yet of putting some of our learnings into action. Lets face it, if we were to put our heads in the sand like so many agency recruiters appear to be doing when it comes to social recruiting (and for that read "Direct Sourcing" amongst others) then there is only going to one very predictable outcome for the likes of ourselves and I for one am not quite ready to contemplate that!

What are the top 3 things that you are looking to achieve from the day. And if you're not attending then make sure you follow via twitter on the day!    


Cancer Research UK Charity Golf Day Appeal

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Martin Shaw

Hi: To All in the RCEURO community.

I have just finished a great conversation with your friend and mine Al Whitford and he kiindly suggessted I write up this post to see if you guys would like to get involved.

Charity Events for Cancer Research UK - Shot-gun Golf Day and Charity Party Evening

On Friday 24th (This Week) there will be a a full day and evening planned to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. This will be done in the memory of 'Ted Sheppey' farther to the event's Patron and my best friend Mark Sheppey.

However we have just found out some negative news and Alan kindly said it would be Ok to post this to you guys to see if anyone could help.

We have just lost three big contributors to our day/evening. One offered a raffle prize, (for the evening party event) of the use of a new (fully fuelled) Porsche for a weekend and the other two were event / prize sponsors for the golf day event.

One donated as the Golf Day Sponsor £500 to the charity and the other £300 to be distributed to the golf prizes for the winners / team winners etc... We took half of both for the prize awards and the rest was added to the money raised to go direct to the charity. I would like to ask if anyone might consider taking over one of these donations or use your connections to get us a great raffle price, in support of CRUK?

The details about the two events can be requested by email to me direct This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   We also have a £150 donation not taken up yet for the longest drive prize (£75 to prize fund and £75 to CRUK), if this is better for you?

I have one place left for a 4-ball in the golf event, if anyone is interested and can arrange for beneficial hotel rates if you fancy staying over and coming to the evening event, £15.00 per head. Either or any, and you will be most welcome to come and join in.

Many thanks to anyone who can help us out, best regards.

Martin Shaw


Marketplace partner unveils its latest background screening technology to Bullhorn® customers


London - Bullhorn, the global leader in online recruitment software, today announces complete integration with First Advantage's background screening solution. Recruiting professionals can now screen candidates from within Bullhorn, taking advantage of a wide range of tools including criminal checks, employment history and academic verification.


First Advantage's industry-leading screening tools are used by thousands of employers and recruitment agencies worldwide to mitigate hiring risks and streamline the recruitment process. Offering a wide range of screening packages for different industries and job types, compliance support and resources, and flexible reporting options, First Advantage provides Bullhorn users with the tools to shorten hiring cycles and get the right candidates working faster.

Spend on response handling, testing and website maintenance up by over 160%

27 May 2011, London - According to figures revealed in a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request, submitted by recruitment software specialist Bullhorn, House of Commons' recruitment costs increased by 40% in the last financial year. The £435,073 spent in 2009/10, rose to £608,314 in 2010/11. Details on changes to costs can be seen in the table below:  




Davies Arnold Cooper

If you use agency workers, you need to know how the regulations will impact your business and what you should be doing now to prepare.

Wendy TrehyThe employment law team at Davies Arnold Cooper held an interesting event this morning (24 May) at the IOD in Manchester. Led by Wendy Trehy and James Pike – employment law specialists, the seminar focussd.on the agency worker regulations. The new regulations, coming into force on 1st October, will entitle temporary agency workers who have 12 weeks’ service to equal terms and conditions as compared to permanent, directly employed staff.

James PikeIf you use agency workers and are unsure as to how the regulations will impact your business and what you should be doing now to prepare, you can get further information on this subject at the team's employment-law website -

  You can also follow the site on twitter: @daciris

 We often think we are giving people praise however the reality is it is often sporadic and unspecific. We also often hold back from giving praise for fear of people getting a big head or becoming complacent or simply because we think they are just doing their job.

This is despite the fact that surveys and research have shown time and time again that it pays to let employees know that you’re paying attention to what they do and that you really do appreciate their efforts.

We get in the habit of only letting people know how they can improve as we have an innate ability to pick up and focus on what is wrong in a situation.

Taking a few moments to focus on spotting what someone is doing well and simply express your appreciation can have a powerful impact on an employees’ self-esteem, which in turn will improve their attitude toward work.

To maximize the impact make sure you:

This is a FREE National Jobseekers Roadshow visiting Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway, Kilkenny, Waterford, Sligo and Mullingar running from the from 13th-23rd May 2011. To attend sign at http://www.cpljobs.ie/roadshow

 You will learn how to prepare a great CV, brush up on interview skills, presentation skills, the importance of staying positive and motivated and dealing with unemployment and emigration. This is aimed at jobseekers and people who are looking to change careers.

There will be a presentation from leading career specialists, followed by a questions and answers session from the floor.

As there is limited capacity we would ask you to pre-register at www.cpljobs.ie/roadshow

Also join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Jobseekers-Roadshow/211550952197167

eQuest Joins the Bullhorn Marketplace

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Peter Linas
Job Distribution and Predictive Intelligence Saves Recruiters Significant Time and Money

05 May 2011, London - Bullhorn®, the global leader in online staffing and recruiting agency software, today announces an integration partnership with eQuest, a leading international job distributor. Recruitment agencies can now easily optimise their sourcing efforts and spend, using eQuest's new ChameleonTM job posting gateway product, featuring its latest distribution and analytics enhancements.

eQuest's award-winning job board analytics software enables companies to track the performance of any specific job board against specific categories of jobs. Other features include job post scheduling, which lets users schedule jobs to arrive at the top of search results during high viewing times; confirmation tracking to confirm job arrival; and support for multi-language job postings. "eQuest's solutions deliver new concepts and technologies that exceed the expectations of recruitment agencies," comments John Malone, Chief Executive Officer at eQuest. "We are thrilled to provide Bullhorn customers with the eQuest experience from directly within the Bullhorn platform."

eQuest is available via the Bullhorn Marketplace, a destination that gives recruitment agencies access to an extensive range of software applications and services, all of which are pre-integrated with Bullhorn. All Marketplace partner applications are accessible online and help recruiters streamline their business - from background checks and payroll, to accounting system integration and sourcing, in order to drive bottom-line results.

"The ever-changing online landscape requires tremendous agility to keep up with all of the moving parts of the world's job boards," explains Peter Linas, Bullhorn UK MD. "As Bullhorn continues to expand globally, we are excited to welcome eQuest to the Bullhorn Marketplace and arm our customers with this simple-to-use, intelligent solution that broadens online job distribution, while eliminating unnecessary job board spend."


Drag&Tag Joins Bullhorn Marketplace

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Peter Linas
 Users can now import social media data seamlessly into Bullhorn

19 April 2011, London - Bullhorn®, the global leader in online recruitment software, today announced the complete platform integration of Drag&Tag, a specialist software company that provides collaborative research technology to recruitment agencies, in order to create a faster more efficient environment for recruiters uploading details to Bullhorn.

Available through the Bullhorn Marketplace, the Drag&Tag solution integrates browsers, professional online networks, and user tear-sheets, enabling recruiters to import client and candidate information from the web directly into Bullhorn, whilst seamlessly integrating web-based and social media tools with users' existing workflows.

"Recruiters typically use the internet to search for information about clients, prospects and candidates, then manually create or update records in Bullhorn", explains Guy Rubin, Managing Director of Drag&Tag.  "If a consultant is busy, the records may not be completed accurately, or worse, not added at all. Drag&Tag is a ‘must have' toolbar for Bullhorn customers because it provides a slicker business process - capturing and storing critical information within the Customer Relationship Management system in seconds."

The integration enables customers to categorise and make notes on web pages (such as client job posting pages), and de-duplicate client and candidate records before entering the data into Bullhorn. With detailed activity reports, business owners benefit from real-time management, giving them more control and visibility into consultants' activities, and enabling them to promote best practices.

Drag&Tag is available to Bullhorn users via the Bullhorn Marketplace, a unique portal that gives staffing and recruiting agencies access to an extensive range of applications and services, all of which are fully integrated with the leading online recruitment software. All Marketplace partner applications help recruiters streamline every aspect of their business - from background checks and payroll, to accounting system integration and sourcing - in order to drive bottom-line results.

Social media and social networking have become even more essential elements of the broader marketing and communications mix this year, settling the question of whether they were merely capricious trends or fundamental and revolutionary shifts in the way that we engage, communicate and do business.

We are living in a world where consumer behaviour and activity have changed enormously in a very short time, where peer advocacy and user-generated content increasingly rival corporate advertising, and where communication can be achieved instantly. Considering this, it is no surprise that businesses are beginning to invest seriously in the places where their products and services are discussed the most.

However, it’s becoming very clear that this is an entirely new way of connecting with audiences, with its own set of considerations that relate to engagement and influence. The creative industries have always embraced innovation, encouraged change and challenged convention, so are more likely than other sectors to be moving at a similar pace to the technological advances driving these changes. Their challenge is to advise clients, who may not be as naturally inclined as others towards digital and social media, on how to make the best of the opportunities on offer.

Many established decision-makers are still trying to make sense of the digital world, the speed at which innovations are taking place and how to manage the wider business implications. Meanwhile, the so-called ‘Generation Y’ is highly mobile, technically astute and perfectly in sync with these burgeoning digital environments; quick to spot the opportunities and turn them to their advantage. This generation gap could fast become a cultural dichotomy, which is why it has become so essential for social media to be properly integrated into strong marketing and communications strategies.

Those artlessly invading and attempting to harness and commoditise these spaces have swiftly discovered that such a strategy doesn’t work. They are turning to the people who understand that this new-born digital knowledge needs to be blended with more traditional communication and creative skills to enable them to engage more successfully online. Digital design consultancies and digital marketing groups are working very hard to galvanise these skills through educating and informing their more senior specialists in the ways of digital and developing their ‘digital natives’ into more rounded creatives.

Measuring Social Media ROI

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Alan Whitford

The final presentation today at the Social Media in Recruitment Conference by Andy Hyatt the Head of Digital at Bernard Hodes Group hits a topic close to my heart. Measurement and metrics - defined as ROI. One of the key conclusions (jumping ahead here) is that companies just don't measure their recruitment actifvity - they don't have a base line of values and metrics to begin with. And, we might even question, what is the will of companies to empower HR/Resourcing departments to do that?

Andy's presentation points:

Dispelling the myths

  1. Social Media is free
  2. Social Media Is easy
  3. Social Media is univiersally valued by CEOs
  4. Social Media doesn’t matter

1 It is not Free
How much does it cost to set it up?
Staff time is costly and is not usually considered

2 It is not Easy
You have to learn, rework your processes

3 Not Valued by CEO
From a poll of CEOs
55% think social media is either too much of a risk or is not even a consideration

4 It Does Matter
Dominos Pizza CEO Patrick Dodd experience:
What happened when employees posted a rude video made at work to YouTube?
By the time he got to work, 500,000 views and the share price was dropping

So, why does this matter?

You have to justify YOURSELF
Your job, your activity, the value you deliver to you business

ROI Basic Rules
(Gain from investment - cost of investment) divided by Cost of Investment = ROI
But note: ROI - Return on Investment - only happens after investment is made/counted

If the equation shows an investment in cash and a return in retweets, clicks, likes or comments, how do you show ROI to the CEO/CFO? They measure in financial terms only.

You need to join all the information together, put it in an ATS, for example, to measure the real effect of the investment in your recruitment actifvities.

What are the usual recruitment measures that we do?
(Cost per hire) divided by (Time to hire) may be used to measure the recruiter performance

Real value is actually Quality of Hire
- but who is actually measuring that?

Real value of Social Media recruits can be seen by surveying candidates/employees
They understand brand value, company value and deliver better employee value
(again, how to measure that?)

Therefore, you have to establish a baseline of what you do now for recruitment
Then map your activity timelines that you spend on each element of the recruitment activity and impact, including outputs

Outputs to track

Traffic - views, hits, likes, mentions
Response - clicks applications, retweets
Behaviour - time spent on site, action, influence
Sentiment - positive, neutral, negative

Aggregate all the data
Maps, graphs whatever you want to display the data
Again, this is not free. You need tools and someone to do the work.

Don’t Stop tracking the data and analysing the results
Of course, don’t stop tracking and measuring at Hire
Go beyond it: alumni, referrals, boomerangs

The answer: It Takes Effort!
But don’t be afraid to start with some elements - not trying to do the whole thing at once

Client study of Staples

Created a Brands Values campaign 60 days before starting the actual recruitment drive
Not really about jobs, but created a buzz about the company
Twitter, blog posts - created characters, story to attract a community following

Then initiated the recruitment drive
Store opening in Tonbridge generated 600 applicants for 21 jobs
Interviewed 135
Candidate quality exceptionally high and hires are high quality


Were spending £10,000 on store recruitment
Now spend less than £1,000

Short term Return: Filled the jobs with worthwhile candidates
Long term, could measure business success - but that not that done that measurment

Resources to learn from:
IAB have a handbook on Social Media Measurement

Attend a Social Media Measurement Camp

Second afternoon session from the Social Media in Recruitment Conference in London.

Becky Folb NokiaBecky Folb, who was a panelist at #SRCONF in November, delivers a lively presentation on her journey from her background as an agency recruiter to now being in-house at Nokia.

Her Job is Global Talent Acquisition Manager (Digital Marketing): Source candidates across the globe for the Digital Marketing group, plus introduce social recruiting across the group.

Kicking off: Social Recruiting is about being social, it is not a broadcast media

Be in charge of your Digital Identity
A strong on line presence is critical for future success

Talent pipelining - using social as the basis for building the talent pool

  • Identifying
  • Sourcing
  • Engaging

Employer Image
Brilliant opportunity via social to join the conversations

  • Listen
  • Join/share
  • Influence

Enhance your company online reputation is key

  • Authentic reputation online
  • Visibility to your target audience
  • Build trusted relationships

What do these key points look like for the corporate recruiter?
In-house recruiter at the centre with 4 quadrants:

The first of the afternoon sessions at Social Media in Recruiment Conference

How CH2M Hill successfully used LInkedIn and Social Media to Recruit
Laurent Brouat, Link HumansLaurent Brouat – Founder – Link Humans
Link Humans helps companies with LinkedIn strategy and training, using social media for recruitment, building online communities, employer and personal branding.

Laurent is trying to wake us up with a live PowerVote survey

Which channel do you use more to recruit?

135 answers

Job boards        39%
Rec agencies    20%
Social media     13%
Referras/personal contacts 16%
Corporate Website 13%

Client study of CH2M HILL
20,000 Employess worldwide
Team of direct recruiters

How to recruit more directly?

1  Rebuild Careers Page and make it easy to find from the home page

2  Build the Facebook Fan Page
Wanted to push jobs there, but not getting the right kind of traffic
So, focus more on building a community for employees, alumni

3  Set up Twitter for jobs
Drove traffic, but not really efficient or the right type of messaging

4   Build the LinkedIn Presence
A  Purchased the Corporate Recruitment Solution - but you can do a lot without it
Works well for very specific roles internationally
Example: a civil engineer in South Korea
Couldn't get candidate via job board, agencies and usual channels.

Went to LinkedIn
Found 100 candidates
Shortlisted 10
Hired 1
Plus, are still in touch with the key people as a talent pool

B   Build a Careers Page on LinkedIn
Delivers a different look for different job categories, based on the jobs that relate to the candidate LinkedIn profile

C   Run ads on each of the employee (9,000 are on LinkedIn) profiles - a banner ad for a career at CH2M Hill
Drives qualified traffic of individuals who are linked via your employees

D  Set up Groups on LinkedIn
Works OK, but not as ‘social’ as FB. So, not as much interaction as you might hope for in the groups.
Good to build the employer brand and deliver information


Redfox: Social Media Success Story From SMIR

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Alan Whitford

Our second live blog report from the Social Media in Recruitment Conference in London

Social Media Success Story – How a previous conference delegate took action with Social Media to successfully grow their recruitment business
Max MacGillivray – Founder – Redfox Executive Selection


Redfox is an International recruitment company in the Fresh Foods Sector, Senior level staff to Board level.

Max MaGillivrayMax is an engaging guy. Food business is huge, massive numbers for things like watercress. But as a very niche and small recruiter, how to go International and just get more business? Went to the Media companies, huge cost for media (£150k) Therefore, ow else to contact large number of companies and candidates? Max was at SMIR 2010, and wanted to take on some of the lessons learned.

Had some key business nuggets from various business leaders:

  • Want to get more clients, sell them more, charge them more
  • Be different, go in different direction than competitors
  • Have 11 points of difference to competiors
  • Create disruptive change in the sector

All can be created by Social Media

Refox logoSocial Media Plan for Redfox

We are at the Social Media in Recruitment Conference, hosted by Mike Taylor of Web-Based Recruitment.

Huw DaviesDiscover how the European Commission introduced Social Media recruiting into a public sector, multilingual organisation
Huw Davies – Head of External Communication – European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)

EPSO is the European Personnel Selection Office. Centralised staff selection for ALL European public sector organisations.


  • Different than the usual perception. Not the old stuffy type of employers, but modern organisation
  • Popular, over 100,000 applications per year
  • Have a modern selection procedure developed over the last 3 years based on competency testing.
  • Set up annual cycles for main recruitment drives
  • Integrated more with HR front end, workforce planning


Multi-lingual communications policy
All information on permanent job opportunities should be in 23 official languages, although exemption allows just the three main languages: French, German and English

EU CareersNeed a new Solid Visual Identity to reflect the EVP of the Community, not of EPSO. Created the EU Careers Logo
Available for use by all EU institutions and agencies, as well as partners in Member States’ governments


Raymond Pennie has been re-elected to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies’ (APSCo) Executive Committee. He will have particular responsibility for representing the views of the affiliate membership of the industry body, companies who supply services to the recruitment industry.

Raymond is Commercial Director of Kamanchi which provides outsourced IT and technology services to professional recruitment firms. His long experience in the staffing sector includes working as Project Director of Spherion in Europe and as Programme Director of Elan IT, part of the Manpower Group. Raymond is also a qualified Chartered Accountant and sits on the council of ICAS (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland). He is currently Co-Chair of the APSCo Technology Forum.

Commenting on his appointment, Raymond says: “It's great to represent the service providers to the recruitment industry on APSCO. As service providers we can work in partnership with recruitment firms to make the industry work better for end-users and make more money for everyone through our innovations.”

“In the current market with tough economic conditions it is more important than ever for companies to forge real partnerships when they do business together. With the Agency Workers Regulations coming into force, clients will be looking for real industry expertise which can be best delivered by staffing firms and their suppliers working together to deliver a high quality and value-added service. APSCo members and affiliates are best-placed to achieve that level of service.”  

English Français/French Deutsch/German Español/Spanish Italiano/Italian Nederlands/Dutch

CB Login


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