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London-based start-up cub19, the award-winning provider of visual analytics and performance science, has partnered with Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software. cube19 has joined the Bullhorn Marketplace to offer staffing firms real-time cloud-based analytics, which can be accessed anywhere, including on mobile devices.

The Bullhorn Marketplace gives recruiters access to an extensive range of applications and services, all of which are tested and pre-integrated with Bullhorn. Marketplace partner applications help recruiters streamline every part of their business - from background checks and payroll to accounting system integration and sourcing - to drive bottom-line results. Existing Marketplace partners include Ebsta and McGuire's previous business, Broadbean Technology.

cube19, which is chaired by Russell Clements, the former CEO of recruitment giant SThree, was previously named one of the top 20 start-ups of 2012 by Startups.co.uk.

As a result of cube19's integration with Bullhorn's applicant tracking system Bullhorn customers will be able to:

  • See real-time updates on the performance of their company, divisions and individual recruiters
  • Use performance science to manage and motivate staff more effectively
  • Analyse how well they deliver results to clients
  • Access their most important business information  on their mobile devices

The seamless integration of cube19 with the Bullhorn ATS provides a platform to significantly improve revenues, with Bullhorn customers Cititec and Harrington Starr citing cube19 as a key driver in their impressive recent financial results.

by Nicholas Roi, managing director of SilkRoad Technology UK

Flexible working was a hot topic in the UK last year; in July, Boris Johnson commented that home working is "an excuse for general malingering" and a "skiver's paradise". Then, in November, Nick Clegg outlined plans to extend the right to request flexible working to all employees with 26 weeks' continuous service to their employer. It is hoped that these changes will come into place in 2014, yet the debate looks set to continue well into 2013. The question remains: how will employers react to the development, and will more requests for flexible working will be granted as a result?

In the US we already enjoy a high level of flexibility; it is believed that nearly a third of full-time workers successfully take advantage of an elastic work schedule.

SilkRoad, the company ethos is to treat employees with respect: they're adults and deserve to be treated as such. This means trusting them to handle their workload responsibly. By doing this, it has been found that employees repay that trust with good sense and maturity, and, most importantly, with a realistic approach to flexible working which allows everyone to achieve their goals.

It’s not just SilkRoad that has experienced the benefits of a positive workforce. We've all heard about Google's working culture: one day each week, it lets its creatives work on whatever they want. When Google reviewed this system, it realised that the best work had been done during this ‘free’ portion of the working week.

A good workplace is all about solid work ethics. Inculcating in your employees a strong sense of responsibility will have many positive effects on your business going forward. Among other things, it will set in place a work culture that will continue to enrich itself, directly affecting the productivity for the better. 

It won’t happen overnight though, but is more than worth the effort. In fact, it’s the best way to make the most of the talent you have recruited and the business you have started. Here are some suggestions to help you along the path.

Start with a vision

Just as you have a vision for your business, you need one for your workforce, too. What kind of team dynamics would you prefer? Vague answers like “I want everybody to get on well” won’t help. Having detailed professional attributes in mind for the employees alongside their job profiles may prove to be more helpful.

Second, you need to take into account your own leadership style. Are you a hands-on manager who likes to be involved with all the major projects, or do you prefer to give people their creative space and only check in from time to time? 

Your assessment of responsible employee behaviour will proceed from your own vision and personality type. Articulate this vision to the employees in clear terms. 

What does professionalism mean to you? Is it about being punctual, not taking leaves without informing the management, completing work assignments on time, adhering to the dress code, not being wasteful with company resources, all of the above? Every place has its own brand of professionalism. What is yours?

Deal with unprofessionalism swiftly

We hope you have hired the right people. That should mean you don’t have too much of bad or sloppy behaviour to put up with. 

But everybody joins a new workplace with their own experience. They bring to you what they have learnt elsewhere, and that may include questionable behaviour that may have been tolerated elsewhere. 
If, however, you don’t find a certain type of behaviour professional, you don’t have to put up with it. Unprofessionalism should be dealt with fast or it will reflect badly on you. 

Tolerating sloppy behaviour gives out a signal you don’t care about professionalism yourself. That would encourage others to follow suit and may well lead to a larger domino effect. Nip it in the bud.

Help your employees cultivate good workplace habits

Ask them not to be wasteful with company resources. That may include not using the office Internet for excessive personal use, or chatting with friends on the company phone, taking a half-n-hour latte break on company time, etc. 

Educate them on the need to observe all the required precautions when handling potentially dangerous equipment. For example, wearing work helmets in construction businesses and work safety gloves when handling toxic chemicals or abrasive surfaces.

Encourage them to bring to the immediate attention of management anything that is off. 

Emphasise on team play.

Finally, reward good behaviour

Rewards work remarkably well not just with our canine companions but also with us primates. 

Monetary incentives are always the best. But other types of incentives may also work equally well; for example, allowing people flexibility in work hours, or rewarding them with company-sponsored lunches/high street vouchers. Take note of your best performing employees, and learn their personal preferences. Don’t be too result-oriented though (unless you are running a sales company). It’s equally important to recognise and reward good professional behaviour. Conscientious employees are not all that common to come by, so don’t take them for granted.

Conclusion: There are many ways to build a responsible team with strong work ethics but as the owner of the business, it all begins with you. You lead and they follow, which is why it is very important for you to be a thorough professional yourself. We would once again like to stress here that the origins of a good team begin with responsible hiring. It is far easier to hone the professionalism of a good employee than to convert an irresponsible employee into a responsible one. The latter may never happen, so don’t waste your time on bad apples.

Affordable employee referral software for start-ups and small- to medium sized companies

Oxford, 1 August 2013 – A new employee referral service that launches today, Talentpools (www.talentpools.me) brings affordable software to start-ups and small- and medium sized businesses wanting to harness the power of recommendation from their existing staff. The service connects employers with employee referrals, using social media to build a diverse candidate pool, more suited to the company culture and at a much lower cost.


Traditional referral processes have been paper-based and even those automated fail in many cases to provide the referee with a notable candidate experience. Talentpools gives all members access to a dashboard where they can see their status, view company communications and build a brand connection with the employer. Members have the option to stand out from the crowd by creating a dynamic profile that allows them to market their abilities in a way traditional systems do not. Employers can house alumni, current employees and potential staff in one place and capitalise on referrals from all elements of the talent chain.


Strategic investment will fuel continued product innovation to support rapid company growth

London, August 13, 2013 – SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions, has raised $16 million in growth financing, bringing total funds raised to $145 million. Investors include Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, Azure Capital Partners, Keating Capital (NASDAQ: KIPO), and Crosslink Ventures.  This new funding will be used to fuel ongoing product innovation across SilkRoad’s Life Suite® Talent Management software to support rapid company growth.


SilkRoad’s Life Suite is a leading cloud-based talent management system for small to mid-size businesses (SMB), offering an integrated set of HRMS, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development applications that enable customers to find, attract, develop, and retain the best talent. The company continues to capitalise on a $24 billion global mid-market opportunity, with 90 percent of its 1,800 customers reporting fewer than 5,000 employees.  SilkRoad now serves global locations across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


The past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me as I tried helping out a young friend (a dental hygienist) with his applications for dental jobs . I only felt the need to interfere after I saw him losing his mind over it. I thought my experience and worldly wisdom would help him deal with it all better. Ha! One day into his quest and I was desperately trying to hold on to my own mind!
Here are only four reasons why:

1. It’s overwhelming

The options online are endless. It makes you feel like this country is swarming with jobs. There are so many of them and not enough people to fill them.

Our leaders, on the other hand, tell us something else entirely. The slow moving economy and a lack of jobs have been hot button topics for the past few years. So what causes the busyness in the online job space? I can only wonder.

2. It’s endless

The number of search options on most job portals seems exciting in the beginning, but it only leads to despair. One keeps wondering endlessly what if they had set their search criteria differently? 
And then we go about incorporating all kinds of combinations into our search, and each combination that fails (which it does way more often than not) leads us closer and closer to total, utter, and absolute despair.

3. It’s time-consuming and stressful

Executing all the aforementioned search combinations and criteria can take up the better part of your day before you even realise it. 

One needs to create profiles for all job portals and keep thinking about new passwords as per their requirements. One then starts looking for jobs as per their desired criteria, which keeps expanding due to the choices available. 

These choices falsely lure us into thinking that if only we persist with them for some more time we will hit the jackpot. So we keep going, never knowing when to call it off. We even sign up for ‘jobs by email’ and never get anything remotely related to what we are looking for.

And, of course, if one does find something interesting one has to tweak their covering letter and/or the CV for it since our entire future rides on how we pen the whole thing. 
If that is not stressful, I don’t know what is.

4. It’s heartbreaking

Stress management  is so yesterday. The experience of looking for jobs online requires a whole new skill that can only be called grief management. The atmosphere is very harsh. You are just another job seeker in the sea of millions, something you knew already but which is brought home very cruelly by the online medium. 

Nobody even bothers to inform you that you have been rejected. You are supposed to just ‘get it’ if you don’t hear from anybody a few days after submitting your much carefully crafted application, like an ex who did not bother informing you that they had dumped you. Don’t act so naive now, just get the frikkin’ message already! 

Yes, I understand that online job searching  has its positives and is the way of the future. My friend, like millions others in this country and around the world, has finally learnt how to do it without going utterly mad. I, however, do not find myself excited over the prospect of doing so myself. What do you hate the most about looking for jobs online?

Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software, today announced an expanded capability - Bullhorn for Email - that enables its users to get through their email inboxes faster by seeing and acting on ATS/CRM information within the Gmail and Outlook email clients.

Bullhorn for Email is a window into the Bullhorn ATS/CRM, allowing users to see key Bullhorn data without having to leave their inbox. Bullhorn is the only ATS/CRM provider that offers direct integration with Gmail and Outlook without the need for plug-ins, enabling recruiters to work from anywhere at any time across any platform.

Bullhorn for Email enables users to:

Access the latest information on who they're emailing: While in their inbox, Bullhorn users can see the most recent notes, resumes, and job orders
associated with each of their email contacts.

Take action without switching applications: Instead of bouncing between
email windows and the Bullhorn ATS/CRM, users can handle common sales and recruiting tasks directly within their inbox.

A Chat With The Qandidate Product Owner

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Ralph Brasker

A chat with Qandidate.com’s product owner, Remy Verhoeven

This is the fourth blog post in our “meet the team” series. Today an introduction of Remy Verhoeven, who is one of the founders of Qandidate.com. Remy is Qandidate.com’s product owner and spends most of his time looking after the product strategy and development.

Hi Remy, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

When I’m not busy with Qandidate.com or one of our other initiatives I’m trying to be the best dad in the world. Sandra, my girlfriend and I have 2 rebels at home; Jaid (3 years old) and Hayden (2 years old). I love spending time with family and friends.

More from a personality point of view, I guess you could say I’m perfectionist in rehab. For some strange reason I always get drawn into data and speadsheets. Do you know the phrase “there’s an app for that”? Well I can genuinely say “I have an Excel for that” on everything. Except off course for recruiting, because that’s where Qandidate.com steps in! I’m structured and organised. I used to read the manual before playing a video game (to get my ass kicked by my little brother who ‘just started’ to play the game).

What are your focus areas at Qandidate.com?

At Qandidate.com I act as the Product Owner of the team. That means I have the privilege to connect with our clients and listen to their needs and ideas. With this information I craft the plans for a vision on what awesome recruitment technology should look like. The other part of the role as product owner is that I have privilege working together with an amazing team of highly involved and skilled software developers and UI/UX designers.

By being the bridge between our customers, the market and the development team, I can bring all different stakeholders together to create a platform that recruiters get happy and excited about.

What does an average working day look like?

An average day is really an average working day when it doesn’t go as initially planned. Typically I hit the gym in the morning before I arrive in the office at 9am. First action is to check all my different email clients and social media channels, before we officially kick the day off with a Team Stand-Up. I tend to do at least a couple of customer phone calls a day to learn more about the customer experience and to listen to their ideas. I have daily meetings with our Lead Developer and our Marketing Director to discuss progress and prioritize the roadmap.

Oh, and in between there is always time for some fuss ball!! Bring it on!

Qandidate.com has been designed together with recruiters. You have spoken with hundreds of recruiters, what was the most requested feature?

I guess the requested feature has also a lot do with the most common complaints about existing systems:

Systems are perceived as too complex (designed by a developer not a UX specialist)
Too many options (you only use 20% of the system but have to pay for the full 100%)
Not built with the most important users in mind (the recruiter and the candidate)
Expensive (often additional hidden costs pop-up; training, set-up, customization, service)
Although systems are designed to support the process, they don’t provide a clear overview

You’re partner at multiple companies, family man, product owner at Qandidate.com, any time for hobbies?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. I can honestly say this fully suits me. To wind down I love to play with my two boys or watch a movie with Sandra. Or just relax with a good book and a cold beer or a good glass of wine. Besides that I enjoy to do some work-outs in the gym or cycling outdoors. During my last holiday to Tuscany I discovered mountain biking which was much more exhilarating than road biking. So don’t be surprised to see me on a mountain bike next year!

Having your own company for many years – what is your most important lessons learned?

I have to steal this one from Jason Goldberg in his “90 Things I Learned From Founding 4 Tech Companies“.

(Editor's Note:  I worked closely with Jason for a year launching Jobster.com as the first truly web based candidate referral portal into the European Marketplace. He is a true dynamo and has created some amazing businesses.)

Which by the way is a brilliant post and a must read for every entrepreneur. I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t bother trying. The whole post is brilliant, but for me, the most important lessons are:

Work with people you love. Work with people you get excited about. People who thrill you. People you trust. People who you can look at every day and say: There is no better person in the world for this job and critical to business success.
Be willing to fight like hell during the day, but still love each other when you go home.
Only do your One Thing. Everything else is a distraction. Don’t do side projects. Don’t take unnecessary meetings. Anything that distracts you from executing on your One Thing is just that, a distraction. Say no to everything that does not contribute to your One Thing.

It’s all about the product. Always has been. Always will be. The only thing that matters is how good your product is. All the rest is noise.

It’s not about you. Building a successful company is less about you and more about your ability to bring out the greatness in the people around you.

Work with people who argue with you and tell you “no.”

What is your biggest achievement/what made you smile/proud over the past couple of years?

Launching the Beta version of Qandidate.com in January was a huge achievement for the whole team. We really worked day and night, especially the months prior to the launch were “brutal” in terms of business pressure. So hitting the deadline as we all agreed on felt like a million bucks.

Cabinet Office recruitment spend triples

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Peter Linas

The Cabinet Office spent three times more on recruitment in 2012/2013
compared to the previous year, according to figures we at Bullhorn obtained
under the Freedom of Information (FoI) act. A rise in recruitment spending is a trend witnessed across several ministerial departments, with seven of the nine departments that responded to the FoI request revealing increases.

The figures show that, in general, government spending on recruitment is on the rise, with the Department for Education coming in as a close second to the Cabinet Office with a 254 per cent increase in spending. The exceptions to this trend, however, are the House of Commons, which registered a 38 per cent decrease in spending compared to the previous year, and the Department of Health, which saw a 33 per cent decrease.

As government departments increase their recruitment spend, it is essential the money is spent efficiently.  

The recruiters surveyed in our annual recruitment trends report reported an average hit rate in the public sector of 34 per cent which was ten per cent lower than the industry with the best hit rates - healthcare. This means there's room for improvement and recruiters servicing the public sector need to make sure their using the latest techniques to attract the best candidates. One of these techniques is the proper use of social media - primarily Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - to fill positions. The Bullhorn 2013 European Trends Report revealed that increased access to passive candidates via social media was ranked as the biggest opportunity in 2013 for staffing and recruitment professionals.

Bullhorn requested recruitment spend data from all 24 ministerial departments for 2011/12 and 2012/13.

Clever business

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Peter Linas

It’s a well-known saying in recruitment – if you get the numbers right, business success will follow. Business intelligence is essential for managing performance as it enables a company to set goals, allocate resources and measure whether objectives are met. There are many different variables that can be used to measure performance. Our Bullhorn 2013 European Recruitment Trends report revealed that 82 per cent of survey respondents base employee success on the number of placements they secure. Other forms of measurement used in the recruitment industry include number of job orders received, placement ratios, time-to-fill, number of contracts secured and number of interviews set. 

On my travels I have come across recruitment agencies that insist the key performance indicators (KPIs) they are using are the best ones to measure employee success, but why limit the data you’re collecting and analysing? A holistic approach to business intelligence gives managers a more accurate view of the strengths and weaknesses within their teams as they base decisions on every relevant KPI. 

It’s important to note though that accurate data input is essential for good KPIs and agencies should be wary of this when implementing business intelligence solutions. Equally important is the ability to quickly extract the data in an easy to understand format. All employees, not just managers, can benefit from having real time access to information about productivity and how the time they spend on day-to-day activities results in revenue generated.

Accessible business intelligence can increase output per recruiter, make it easier to manage staff, create a competitive environment to motivate recruiters and promote better use of a company’s systems.

Bullhorn provides reporting and analytics tailored specifically to the recruitment sector. This technology enables fact-based decision making based on real-time business intelligence that is specifically customised for each individual employee. Get the numbers right and success will follow - business intelligence software has made this easier than ever before!

LONDON, 12 June 2013
Launchpad Recruits' Mobile App is the first of its kind released which allows candidates to complete their video interview from any IOS LaunchPad Recruits Logodevice such as an Iphone, Ipod or Ipad. This makes Video Interviewing even more accessible, allowing candidates to complete their video interviews on the go using the technology they have in their pocket.

LaunchPad Recruits is a leading recorded video screening provider - who support innovative businesses to reengineer their recruitment process and deliver an exceptional and engaging candidate experience. LaunchPad Recruits work closely with their clients to refine both the user and candidate experience and develop features which add real value and don't interfere with the flow of your recruitment process. LaunchPad have seen enormous demand for the mobile enabled video interviews from customers who want candidates to be able to quickly engage with their recruitment process.

Kirstie Kelly-BattWith 87% of the world population being mobile enabled, and an expected 8 billion mobile users by 2016, it's clear that mobile recruitment is the way forward.

"Great candidates recognise that they want to connect with employers when they are on the move. Providing them with the opportunity to interview at a time and place to suit their careers and life shows that their prospective employer is truly forward thinking. Not only does this improve engagement, it also speeds the recruitment process to match the pace of your hiring needs." says Kirstie Kelly-Batt, Head of Sales and Marketing for LaunchPad.

UK based recruitment agencies that are placing candidates outside of the UK often receive placement fees in local currencies and then have to organise repatriation of funds back to the UK. Such transactions are often automatically executed via a clearing bank and the Recruitment Company incurs a significant cost (2-5%) when repatriating funds.

One method that recruitment agencies can look at to mitigate the costs of managing their currency transactions is to work with a specialist Foreign Exchange company. This approach enables clients to significantly reduce their costs when exchanging currencies while providing the ability to use risk management tools such as Market Orders to ensure they get the best rates. For example, it is often the best strategy is to allow foreign funds to reach an agreed volume before exchanging into GBP to reduce the amount of transactions and receive a better volume rate of exchange.

Ebury Partners LogoCase Study
A recruitment company that places candidates across Europe has a sales turnover of £3m and an annual FX turnover of £1m. The company normally uses their clearing bank to repatriate placement fees and cover offices costs. Ebury Partners, offering a far more competitive rate for the company’s FX transactions, was able to save the company 2.5% (£25,000) on their annual FX turnover.

Morgan McKinley has undertaken a full strategic rollout of Bullhorn’s on-demand, cloud-based recruitment software. The move is designed to consolidate the recruiter’s business activities across its operations in ten countries, and provide Morgan McKinley’s team with access to a single recruitment platform worldwide.

Having successfully trialled Bullhorn in its Paris office since January 2012, the company is now committed to a worldwide rollout which will reach completion in Q2 2013. By that stage, Morgan McKinley will have over 500 Bullhorn users in ten countries.

Don Ryan, Morgan McKinley Group IT Director, comments: “When we made the decision to change from our current provider, partnering with a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) multitenant solution was essential to make the switch worthwhile. The chosen provider had to be able to demonstrate that its system would deliver tangible benefits to the business.

“After completing an extensive review, Bullhorn was selected. The Bullhorn team demonstrated its ability to deliver a global solution backed up by examples of existing geographically dispersed businesses and the solution capably provides the strategic efficiencies we were looking for.”

Hiring Unicorns HR Event for Tech Recruitment

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Alan Whitford

Hiring Unicorns LogoHiring Unicorns - HR Summit is a regular bi monthly after-work drinks and networking event for tech sector CEO's, Directors, HR professionals and everyone interested in keeping up to date with current Human Talent trends and developments.

One of the biggest challenges facing high growth technology companies is in attracting and hiring the most talented developers especially passive and highly experienced candidates , often referred to as " Unicorns" due to their scarcity. However, this event aims to dispel this myth and show that by implementing the right innovative strategies and company culture, it becomes a very effective process for any company - whether they are a bootstrapped startup or an established company.

Hiring Unicorns - HR Summit will feature speakers from Linkedin, Google, Yammer and more who will share their unique insights, practical advise and provide case studies on what has made their respective companies so successful.

Sessions will provide powerful insights & arm you with actionable strategies that you can put into practice immediately. The speakers will cover topics such as;
Passive Candidate Sourcing, Employer Branding , Company Culture, Employee / Candidate Referrals

RCEURO.com readers qualify for free tickets for the evening event, which is running from 18:00 - 22:00 in the City of London. If you are interested in attending, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Or register using the code: UNICORN_FREE.

Hiring Unicorns Infographic

Recruitment software specialist demonstrates its commitment to customer service


PeopleBank, the recruitment software specialist, today announces that it has been accredited with the internationally recognised ISO9001 standard, highlighting its dedication to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

This independent assessment, conducted by the leading Certification Body, the British Assessment Bureau, is only awarded to companies who can demonstrate that they have a quality management system in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certifications are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained.

Organisations that have a global focus often stipulate that suppliers must hold internationally recognised standards for the service they supply. Through being awarded with the ISO9001 accreditation, PeopleBank is now able to prove the quality of their service on an international level and fulfil existing and prospective customer expectations.

GradWeb crowned ‘Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation’ at the prestigious Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2013.

GradWeb, the entry-level and graduate recruitment outsourcing specialists, has been named the ‘Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation’ at the 2013 Recruiter Awards for Excellence.

The Recruiter Awards for Excellence recognise, reward and celebrate the outstanding achievements in recruitment over the last 12 months and were held at a gala ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 1st May.

Open to all major recruitment specialists and judged by a diverse panel of leading business experts from some of the biggest names in the recruitment industry the award recognises outstanding client service, effectiveness and efficiency by an Outsourcing Recruitment Organisation.

According to the judges, GradWeb was the ‘stand-out winner’ in the award category, successfully demonstrating the delivery of cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors. The judges particularly highlighted the innovation required in not simply providing an off-the-shelf solution but creating bespoke recruitment services tailored to fit the unique and exacting challenges faced by today’s businesses. They said;

“GradWeb provides its diverse clients with the ability to reach the right candidates through methods such as its innovative online recruitment technology to attract and reach the right candidates; its Intelligent Attraction’ approach to improve the effectiveness of clients’ campaigns and its end-to-end services including concept design, marketing, candidate management, screening and assessment”.

This week I moved my desk to the other side of the office to sit with our development team. Within my Marketing responsibilities at Qandidate.com I work closely with the development team, when it comes to product design and scope, so I decided to move my desk from one side of the office to the other, to sit in the development area.

When I say development team (or SCRUM team), think about a bunch of bright people, almost all of them are Gen Y. They are eager, smart, fun and really knowledgeable in the area they are responsible for. I know, talking stereotypes here, but its a typical example of a young generation who want to spend their time at a growing and vibrant tech start-up to make some fun and build cool stuff. You’ll get the picture.

So imagine a marketeer surrounded by a bunch of bright Gen Y developers. In the 2 days I’m sitting here now, I learned a couple of things:

  1. WordPress is for the lazy marketeer.
    (Sorry, colleagues out there)
  2. Technology is never a blocking issue.
    It’s the person who’s not making up his mind or not exploring the opportunities far enough.
  3. Innovation is an attitude.
    Despite of all the articles and blogs which I have read over the last couple of years. The power to innovate is part of a person’s DNA. Of course a company need to provide the right infrastructure and atmosphere, but if you’re not open for new collaborative thinking, you won’t get it.
  4. It isn’t about instant messaging
    It’s about instant feedback.
  5. Collaboration
    Thinking about social business and exploring social collaboration tools for your company? Talk with your development team and learn why tools like IRC and GitHub are driving real value to this part of your employees.
  6. Email is already dead
    While (HR) executives are still talking about reducing emails and exploring the implementation of social collaboration tools, these guys have already abandoned email. I haven’t seen a single email program on one of those 24 screens around me. I basically need to tell the guys that they have received an email from me.
  7. Learning
    Learning gets a complete new dimension. It’s about self-learning. When was the last time you were hanging out with your peers at Starbucks at 7am to discuss and experiment business related initiatives?
  8. And last…
    Never leave your laptop with these guys without password protection …. (although I have no illusion that password protection will make a huge difference…)

So, if this is the next generation of techies…what is your recruitment action plan to engage with this generation?

Ralph is responsible for marketing at Qandidate.com. He has worked his whole career at IT consultancy and software companies of which the last 6 years in the global recruitment space. He will share once in a while his view on life at Qandidate.com , marketing and recruitment. Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Ebsta launches dedicated Bullhorn tool

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Peter Linas
CRM productivity specialist Ebsta has developed and launched a dedicated tool for Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software. The move is in response to high demand from Bullhorn users for a dedicated Ebsta add-on that can follow them around the web and increase their productivity while they work outside of the Bullhorn CRM/ATS.

The new tool is a huge success and Ebsta has already signed up more than 50 recruitment agencies in the last six weeks including leading energy recruiter, Spencer Ogden.

Ebsta founder and CEO Guy Rubin commented that “Bullhorn is fast becoming the standard in recruitment software and entire businesses are being built on the back of its open API. If you’re not working with the best then you’ll be left behind – the rule applies to software developers and recruiters alike! Bullhorn is now a global brand and that means that its partners have access to a global market.

“Bullhorn’s API maturity means we can offer customers a better, deeper integrated experience, which has actually seen the price per user drop.”

Early Ebsta for Bullhorn sales are not just concentrated in the UK, with activity also seen in America, Australia and other territories around the world.

How to become Best-in-Class

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Hannah Stacey


SilkRoad customer eBay has been selected by Aberdeen Group as a Best-in-Class business after implementing an exemplary onboarding programme. A case study of the on-line store is used in the research company’s Onboarding 2013: A Look at New Hires report, which analyses the onboarding practices of 230 organisations.

eBay invested in technology from SilkRoad in order  to automate form management as well as tasks and the socialisation aspect of onboarding. As a result, the company cut the administrative costs of onboarding by a quarter and reduced the number of onboarding steps by 60 per cent. This helped them improve business productivity and reduce operational outlay.

Firms considered by Aberdeen Group as Best-in-Class share characteristics such as a commitment to aligning onboarding objectives with company goals and using strategic initiatives to drive engagement and productivity. Key to being recognised was the fact that they had all invested in technology to aid in the onboarding process.

Nicholas Roi, Managing Director of SilkRoad UK comments: “We are proud that, as a result of our technology, eBay has been chosen to represent ideal onboarding practices in Aberdeen Group’s report. The report states that the selection and implementation of onboarding solutions, and the way in which they are integrated with talent management systems, plays a vital role in promoting business performance and growth – eBay is a prime example of a company putting this strategy into action and achieving outstanding results.”

Online dental recruitment agencies are perhaps the newest addition to the industry right now in terms of looking for ideal posts and submitting applications with ease.
However, despite the fact that the concept has only been around for a short time, a number of competing services have already emerged with their own unique takes on what ‘service’ actually means.

And not to put too fine a point on it, their actual potential for getting folk where they need to be varies quite drastically to say the least – you need to have your wits about you and know what to look out for in a viable dental recruitment agency that’s on the ball.

Recruitment Agency or Network?

First up, there is a massive difference between an online dental recruitment agency and a dental recruitment network – the latter of the two being the one to look out for.

In the simplest of terms, a recruitment agency might take on the task of gathering candidates’ data and passing it on to suitable employers, and a network is exactly that – a huge community of employers, dental professionals and graduates from all over the industry coming together with collective and shared goals.
These kind of networks allow for incredible control of accounts and freedom of applications, the likes of which can make all the difference in the world.

One-Way or Two-Way?

Next up, it’s vital to look into whether it’s all a one-way street in terms of submitting applications, or whether it’s a two-way street where employers/recruiters can actually make the first move and get in touch with the candidates directly.

Candidates that sign up with a ‘two-way’ network stand infinitely higher chances of being head-hunted by employers as their CVs and profiles are working on their behalf around the clock - not just when they make the effort to submit an application.

Non-Profit or Business Run?

And finally, those that run as non-profit organisations – at least in terms of fees for candidates – are always going to be safer options than those demanding cash to get started in the first place.
Technically speaking, you should never have to hand over a penny to get your name and your profile in front of suitable employers.

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