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8 June 2015, London – Recalvi Enterprise, the specialist graduate and apprenticeship recruitment consultancy, has selected iFollowOffice, the leading provider of cloud desktops, to move its rapidly expanding workforce to the cloud.

Recalvi Enterprise, which operates across three offices and employs over 50 people, chose iFollowOffice’s cloud desktops to support its future growth, whilst removing the need for costly on-site IT infrastructure.

Rafiq Adebambo, director of Recalvi Enterprise, comments: “We’re a multi-site business and as we continue to expand and open new offices, it’s crucial that we have a flexible IT solution in place so that staff can work from any location without interruption.”

Recalvi Enterprise, which has grown 1000 percent in terms of revenue and profit since inception in 2011, plans to expand its headcount to 70 over the next 6 months, 30 of whom will be working remotely full time.

Snapshot survey from Bullhorn reveals political sentiment of UK recruitment industry

05 May 2015, London – Fifty-three percent of UK recruiters believe the Conservatives offer the best future for the recruitment industry, according to Bullhorn, the leading cloud-based CRM provider.

The survey, based on data from 79 UK recruitment professionals, also reveals that 44 percent believe Labour would be the preferred choice for the industry, with just two percent in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

When questioned over which party would get their personal vote, the responses differ significantly: 42 percent would vote in favour of the Green Party, while 40 percent would vote Liberal Democrat, followed by 13 percent Conservative, three percent UKIP and one percent Labour.

Speaking of the results, Bullhorn international MD Peter Linas says: “The general election could go either way – at this point even a stable coalition doesn’t look likely. An uncertain future means agencies need to focus on becoming as efficient as possible so they can maximise profits regardless of the future business landscape.”

Sonovate welcomes John Martin to its board

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John Martin, current Group Chief Financial Officer of Wolseley plc, has joined Sonovate’s board as an investor, bringing years of finance and recruitment experience to a company he sees as the alternative finance provider of choice to the recruitment industry.

Martin, who is also former CFO of recruitment specialist Hays plc, and ex CFO of Travelex Group, brings with him over 20 years of experience in senior financial positions, combined with a background as a chartered accountant.

Sonovate, a leading UK fintech start-up, provides finance for recruitment agencies placing contractors, as well as the technology that takes care of all the admin associated with running contractors such as timesheets, invoicing and chasing late payments. 

In his new role, Martin will draw on his experience of working in finance for both recruitment and forex companies to help Sonovate strengthen its position as the UK’s number one provider of contract finance to recruitment agencies. Martin’s appointment comes shortly after the placement of Paul Saunders, former board director of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, to the Sonovate board in November 2014.

Bullhorn expands international team

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Peter Linas

Bullhorn expands enterprise team and brings in new international marketing manager

28 April 2015, London – Bullhorn has appointed Tim O’Brien and Julian Moore to its fast-growing international team. 

O’Brien has over 25 years of experience working in the recruitment sector, 13 of which were spent in senior managerial roles. He will draw on this extensively to support Bullhorn’s continued growth amongst enterprise clients as enterprise account executive.  

Speaking of his move, O’Brien comments: “I’m delighted to become a part of the team behind the software that was instrumental to my success in running a recruitment business. I look forward to helping more recruitment companies scale their businesses internationally with ease – just like we did at Swift.”

UK recruitment sector growth hits all time high

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25 February 2015, London – In 2014, 4,083 new recruitment agencies were launched in the UK – an increase of 7 percent compared to last year, according to research from leading contract finance provider, Sonovate.

This means that more recruitment agencies were launched in 2014 than at any other point since 1990. The news coincides with research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) which shows the value of the UK’s recruitment industry has surpassed its pre-recession peak, recording total revenue of £28.7 billion at the end of the financial year 2013/14.

Sonovate’s data, taken from Companies House, reveals that the number of recruitment agencies launched each year has almost doubled since 2010 when 2,092 were founded and has more than trebled since before the recession when 1,303 agencies launched in 2007.

Richard Prime, CEO of Sonovate, comments: “The UK recruitment sector is bigger than ever before, and while this is fantastic news for our industry, it presents some specific challenges.

“A huge factor in this rapid growth is the increase in contract recruitment. Start-up businesses need to overcome a lot of obstacles, and with this rise in contract recruitment, the most significant issue is cash flow.

20 January 2015, London – UK recruitment agencies are owed £6 billion in outstanding invoices, according to leading contract finance provider, Sonovate.


Sonovate’s research, based on data from Companies House, has revealed that over the last decade recruitment companies have faced an average of £314,991 in outstanding late payments each year. The average start-up agency founded after 2013 is already owed in excess of £100,000 from clients. This figure rises in relation to the lifespan of the agency, with those running for ten years or more owed an average of £600,000.


Richard Prime, CEO of Sonovate, comments:Cashflow is vital for the survival of small businesses, and as these figures demonstrate, it is stopped by neglectful clients exceeding their agreed repayment times. In contract recruitment the repayment window typically sits between 28 and 45 days, but in reality payment materialises between 45 and 60 days, if not longer.

Recruitment companies now have a genuine alternative to the banks for contract finance, thanks to Sonovate. Its new contract finance offering, designed to make paying and managing contractors easy and profitable, has already surpassed the banks as the number one provider of contract finance to start-up, micro and SME recruiters.

Founded by former recruiters Richard Prime and Damon Chapple, who between them have over 30 years of experience working in the recruitment sector, Sonovate offers a unique, fully insured, contract finance model backed by cloud technology. Agencies working with Sonovate are paid 100 per cent of their profits the week after timesheets are authorised. In addition, Sonovate takes care of all the admin associated with paying contractors, including invoicing clients, credit control, and managing timesheets.

Richard Prime, co-founder and CEO of Sonovate, comments: “Until now, recruitment companies seeking contract finance have had to turn to banks, which offer off-the-shelf products that are based on outdated approaches to lending and are not tailored to the unique requirements of recruitment businesses. This results in complex, rigid contract finance agreements that hinder an agency’s ability to scale by placing limits on, for example, the number of contractors that can be placed with a single client.

“As recruiters ourselves we understand first-hand the frustrations associated with funding and running contractors. For many, the cashflow and finance admin headache presents the biggest barrier to growth. So we built a service that enables recruiters to focus their time on recruiting, rather than worrying about chasing payments.”

The main benefits of working with Sonovate include:

GradWeb the entry level and campaign recruitment outsourcing specialists announce the launch of a new range of Development Services that support organisations by identifying and developing their entry level and experienced hire level talent.

With just 7% of organisations rating their talent development as ‘very effective’ (CIPD), identifying and developing the employees who have the potential to make a real difference to your business is more important than ever before.
To support the development of your people, teams and leaders we have launched a range of innovative development solutions for entry level and experienced hire level talent. Backed by our experienced Assessment & Development team our services help transform your business – improving productivity, performance and staff retention.
•        Team building events
•        Coaching programmes
If you would like to find out how our Development Services can help transform your business  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
As a SPECIAL OFFER to celebrate the promotion of our Development Services we have significantly discounted our ‘New starter graduate development reports’. These reports are tailored to each graduate’s specific needs and provide development investment at the very start of their careers with your business.
To find out more about how our development reports can help your graduates and to receive a FREE sample report  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The free to attend Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Recruitment Exhibition held at London Olympia 18-19th June is the leading event for recruitment and resourcing professionals. It’s an ideal place to discover new ways of solving your recruitment challenges by meeting leading recruitment services and technology suppliers.

Exhibition attendees who visit GradWeb at stand R120 will be able to benefit from learning more about GradWeb’srecruitment services that include attraction, candidate management, assessment and development as well as benefiting from a live demonstration of our award winning recruitment platform, GradWeb3. Used by many of the world’s largest brands to underpin their recruitment campaigns the GradWeb3 recruitment platform has also won numerous awards for its flexibility and the high levels of candidate experience it delivers. To appreciate the importance of how technology can improve candidate experience and to understand how GradWeb3 can positively impact the success of your recruitment campaign as well as enriching the appeal of your employer brand, visit GradWeb at stand R120 for a demonstration.
Visitors to the GradWeb stand can also understand in greater detail the recruitment outsourcing services we provide and see how technology can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes for both recruiters and candidates. This theme will also be prominent in GradWeb’s showcase presentation on the Thursday 19th June at 11.15am. Entitled “The Future of Future Talent Recruitment” where we will define the current Future Talent landscape and reveal what impact key technologies and trends will have on candidate attraction, assessment and candidate relationship management in the future.
To register for free entry to the CIPD Recruitment Exhibition and meet us click here.

GradWeb's Assessment Audit is based on our extensive experience of delivering Future Talent recruitment and assessment solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world. The Audit provides a review of your end-to-end assessment and selection processes to ensure that your recruitment is effective and efficiently meeting your recruitment objectives. 

The Audit begins with a diagnostic review of your assessment and selection processes and results in a detailed report complemented with best practice insight, and clear, actionable solutions to the challenges you face. It will offer our specialist recruitment advice and recommendations concerning any changes that need to be made, and how best to make them.
Evaluation of current assessment processes
Conversion rates analysis and benchmarking
Discuss the key challenges faced with your talent teams
In-depth information on the latest innovative assessment tools 
Free 3-4 page audit report of results and recommendations
If you would like to take advantage of our free Assessment Audit call to find out more on 01635 584130 or contact us.

As competition increases for the best entry-level talent, employers need to benchmark their recruitment programmes effectively. The research is the first of its kind to identify the key trends in UK Graduate Recruitment based on actual campaign data from multiple employers from different vertical markets including Engineering, FMCG, Telecommunications and Public Sector. 
Analysis of graduate recruitment campaign data 
Data generated from more than 225,000 candidate job applications 
Find out the best candidate sources, media, volumes and hiring statistics by graduate job role
Analysis by function, diversity and sector trends 
Changes in candidate behaviours over the past three years

To receive your free copy of this comprehensive research into graduate recruitment campaign trends, request the report - click here.

Why not benefit from free benchmarking of your recruitment?

With a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of award winning school leaver, apprenticeship, internship and graduate recruitment campaigns, GradWeb is perfectly placed to help you understand what has worked well on your most recent activity, and what needs to change before your go-live at the end of the summer. benefit from a benchmarking insights session to inform your entry level recruitment strategy

For a free introductory consultation around any or every aspect of your campaign, including: 

To benefit from GradWeb’s extensive experience Contact Us.

via: bay-publishing.com
Just 5% of the UK’s employees work within the construction industry, yet the sector is responsible for almost 30% of workplace deaths. In the last two decades improvements in health and safety have seen fatalities fall by around 60%, but in the last 12 months, 50 people lost their lives due to a fall from height at work.

There are many professions where working at height could be a requirement, including construction, maintenance, cleaning services, plumbing and more. The biggest danger that anyone working at height faces is becoming complacent and failing to take the correct safety steps or use the right equipment. Whatever your job, if you work at height it’s essential to follow all the relevant safety procedures to protect yourself, your colleagues and the general public. Read on to find out everything you need to know about working at height.

Working at Height and the Law

The law requires that anyone working at height must have undertaken the relevant training and have a comprehensive understanding of health and safety legislation  surrounding their job. This generally requires a comprehensive training course to be undertaken initially and followed up by a refresher course once every two to four years.

In the majority of cases employees will need to be able to give proof that they have had the relevant training before they are allowed to work on a construction site or similar.

In addition, it’s essential to ensure that the area where work will be carried out has been made as safe as possible  and that employees are wearing the correct safety clothing and equipment. For example steel balustrades and handrails installation or the wearing of safety harnesses may be necessary.

Precautions to Take When Working at Height

Risk assessments should always be carried out before working at height takes place. This will help identify any potential hazards  and ensure that appropriate safety measures are implemented. If you’re responsible for compiling risk assessments then take a look below for some tips that you may find useful.

1. Can you avoid working at height altogether? If it’s possible to use other equipment such as long handled tools to avoid working at height then do so.

2. Preventing falls when working at height is paramount so look for areas that already have guard rails or parapets and if none are present, consider the safety equipment you’ll need to add such as steel balustrades and handrails.

3. Check carefully for any fragile surfaces which staff could run the risk of walking or falling on. If there are fragile surfaces in the work area make sure all staff are aware of them.

4. If you are a site supervisor then it’s your responsibility to ensure that anyone working at height is properly qualified to do so, which means you’ll need to see proof that they’ve been correctly trained.

5. Have you minimised the consequences of a fall? Accidents do happen from time to time but putting the correct measures in place will help lessen the risk. For example equipment such as air bags and safety nets can be utilised to help keep staff safe.

Working at Height – Safety Equipment

Edge protection is tantamount to safety when working at height and anyone installing edge protection such as balustrades and scaffolds must be properly qualified. Different types of building and structure will require different types of edge protection so it’s always important to consider the job you are carrying out and the area it is being carried out in carefully before you decide what type of edge protection and safety equipment is needed.

Ensure that ladders are only used as a means of getting to a workplace  as opposed to as a place to work, unless they are only being used for a short time. If staff will be working at height for long periods then a mobile scaffold tower or elevated working platform is likely to be the best option.

Public Safety and Scaffolds

Scaffolds can present a danger to staff and to the public so take a look at the tips below to ensure your scaffold is safe for everyone in and around a work site.

1. If you’re erecting scaffold in a public area, for example on a public route or pavement, you’ll need to get permission for the Highways Agency.

2. Brick guards, netting and sheeting will stop objects from falling off scaffolding.

3. In high risk areas it’s likely that walkway installation and steel balustrades and handrails installation will be required.

4. Signs and barriers should be erected to keep members of the public at a safe distance from scaffolding.

5. The scaffolding used should be designed for purpose. For example stronger scaffolding will be needed if it is being used to support the weight of staff and equipment.

6. In highly populated or busy areas it’s a good idea to erect and dismantle scaffolding during quiet times of day.

7. Hoists and chutes should always be used to remove materials from a scaffold. Materials should never be thrown.

Managing your Workforce

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Teri Etherington

In previous years Recruitment International have held an RPO conference. This has been focused on Corporate Recruiters, RPO providers and Agencies which supply in to them. After we did this last year we made the decision to look for wholly at Workforce Management. With today’s leading companies using a variety of workers; agency workers, interim managers, self-employed, fixed-term contractors, zero hours contracts and cross border overseas workers. How can you be certain that you are attracting and retaining the best talent whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest employment legislation? This is what the RI Workforce Conference will explore. 

This event will not only discuss and clarify the legal and financial issues surrounding different types of workers it will also give you advice, hints and tips for ensuring you become seen as an employer of choice – essential in the renewed war for talent. 

 Our speakers will discuss

  • Agency workers, interim managers, self-employed, fixed-term contractors, zero hours or overseas workers – what are the fundamental differences and what do employers need to be aware of?
  • Employing overseas workers
  • What are the pros and cons of taking on interim managers and how to know when it is the right time for your business?
  • Pension Reform - Are you ready? What do you need to be aware of?
  • The future on the MSP/RPO model
  • Employing over 50s 
  • Employing Millennials
  • The War on Talent – Where to start
  • The on-boarding process
  • Managing a diverse workforce – Case Study
  • Apprentices      

Confirmed speakers so far include: Age UK, Green Park, Pensions Regulator, City and Guilds, Von Essen, ARC, Optionis Group and State of Ambition

 For a full agenda or to book please contact Teri Etherington on 01483 740 874 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Newbury UK – GradWeb has won two hotly contested Onrec Awards – the supplier award for Best Candidate Experience and Best Use of Online Recruitment in the Public Sector.



Now in their 10th year the Onrec Awards are firmly established as the industry’s leading online recruitment awards. They celebrate the outstanding success, growth, innovation, talent and achievements within the Online Recruitment Industry over the past year.

The Best Candidate Experience Award demonstrates GradWeb’s passion, innovation and drive to deliver candidate experience excellence throughout recruitment. Despite the unprecedented volumes of applications recorded this year, supporting the individual needs of each candidate remains fundamental to the outstanding levels of service they provide their clients. By delivering a personalised candidate experience GradWeb ensure that their clients’ brands are protected and enhanced during the recruitment journey of each candidate. 

“We are delighted that our work has been recognised by the Onrec Awards. As the first point of contact for our clients’ candidates we know just how important it is to treat each and every candidate with the utmost care so that we provide a positive brand experience.” said Cynthia Bostock, Managing Director, GradWeb. “The awardsrecognise our commitment and passion for delivering consistently high levels of candidate experience and online recruitment excellence for all the campaigns we manage on behalf of our clients which include bespoke solutions for school leavers, apprentices, interns, graduates and experienced hires.

GradWeb also won the Best Use of Online Recruitment in the Public Sector Award with the Association of Heads of University Administration (AHUA) and their innovative ‘Ambitious Futures’ graduate programme.

Bullhorn S Release Is the Fastest End-to-End Recruiting Solution Available

Boston, MA – March 18, 2014 – Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software, today announces the newest version of its Bullhorn applicant tracking and customer relationship management system (ATS/CRM) – dubbed S Release. Bullhorn S Release is available now for new customers and Bullhorn users. It is also the combined upgrade path for Bullhorn’s MaxHire and Sendouts ATS products. 

S Release is:


  • Three Times Faster – Recruiting agencies move faster than ever before with S Release’s streamlined interface and more responsive infrastructure. 
  • True Cloud Freedom – S Release is available however, whenever, wherever the user wants it. It works on any modern Internet browser (including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer), on Macs or PCs, and on mobile devices using Bullhorn Mobile. S Release can expand infinitely to meet the needs of recruiting agencies. 
  • Powerful Simplicity – With 40% fewer clicks, S Release accelerates the learning curve for new employees and streamlines everyday use so that staff use the software more extensively and effectively. Data from beta users shows an average of 50% more recorded activity and up to a 43% increase in recorded placements in the first month of adoption. 


Positive outlook for UK recruitment industry, according to Bullhorn trends report.

About NMQA

Since April 2000 NMQA has been a leading software testing consultancy working across the full range of market sectors.  Core services include technical testing, automation testing, performance, accessibility and web testing, all of which can be delivered onsite or remotely via their state of the art test labs technology.

Recruiting Software Testers – The Recruitment Challenge 

Software testing requires highly technical and skilled professionals. Tester related vacancies can attract extremely high volume of applications often leading to a reliance on recruitment agencies to shortlist and provide the most suitable candidates.  As part of the recruitment mix NMQA support their permanent workforce with contractors that can meet their stringent technical skills requirements.  Hiring contractors via an agency can come at a high cost.  Being able to quickly identify, engage and hire skilled contractors directly has significant advantages in a competitive market.  

The Solution – Automated Sourcing of Contractors

Bullhorn expands International client team

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Peter Linas

10 February 2013, London – Bullhorn, the market leader in recruitment software, appoints leaders Peter Markland and Andy Ingham from technology giants Huddle and Kelway to handle client relationships in APAC and EMEA.

Peter Markland will draw on years of experience at Huddle to grow and support Bullhorn’s business in EMEA and APAC as Emerging Client Manager. Markland comments: “I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to build on the hard work of Bullhorn’s teams across its international business to help drive client development and increase market awareness of the solution. Bullhorn is at an exciting stage right now – it has an excellent leadership team, and yet it remains an agile company where I can best effect change and contribute to the exceptional growth."

Andy Ingham, who joins Bullhorn from Kelway will focus on Enterprise clients in EMEA and UK South as Regional Director. Ingham will focus on Bullhorn’s regional and enterprise customer growth and building closer links within the market. “I was drawn to the role because Bullhorn has market leading technology and true global reach, paired with an energetic culture that focuses on innovation. It’s great to be working for such a fast growing business and I’m geared up to spend 2014 developing hardworking teams and helping customers to grow their businesses,” he notes.

Bullhorn Director Mike Restivo comments on the new hires: “We have high hopes for Bullhorn in 2014, and the addition of two excellent leaders is an important element of our strategy. We’re focusing on closer relationships with customers, continued technological innovation, improvements to our follow-the-sun support programme, and further international expansion  - we look forward to Peter’s and Andy’s input in each of these areas.”


Elevate Direct Logo 

London, 3rd February 2014 - Elevate Direct the only web based end to end direct recruitment solution for the contractor market has been nominated for Onrec’s Technical Innovation Award.  Now in their 10th year, the Onrec online recruitment awards will be taking place on the 20th of March at the Grange St Pauls Hotel, London. 

Having achieved the nomination, Dan Collier the CEO & Co-founder of Elevate Direct had this to share: “It's very  encouraging to be nominated for this award as it seems organisations are finally realising there are enormous savings to be had,  in an area of the market that seems to have been largely ignored by other technology providers.  The savings to be made in bringing your contractor recruitment in house can easily rival those made by a similar permanent direct strategy. 

ROI for Direct Employers

In less than 2 years since the launch of the London based tech start-up, a variety of companies including large multinationals like Gazprom and Tata Consultancy Services have benefited hugely from recruiting their contractors directly.  On average clients are saving £500-£1000 per month per contractor hired.*

How do you optimise social media for candidates

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Alan Whitford

We are reporting live from the 12th iteration of the Enhance Media The Year Ahead Conference in London, at the wonderful Royal Geographic Society Venue in South Kensington. Follow the Twitter Hashtag: #EMConf2014

Christer Holloman of Glasdoor.com
Chriter HollowmanChrister HollomanReach him on Twitter @holloman

Optimising Social Media for Candidates
With 13 million jobseekers visits every month to read and post reviews about employers, Glassdoor knows what motivates a jobseeker. Christer Holloman, named by The Evening Standard as one of the most influential individuals within new media, will teach you how to stay up-to-date with changing talent trends.

A few stats to kick off the presentation
They collect a lot of interesting data about companies and candidate expectations
600,000 candidates a month looking at Glassdoor for jobs in the UK, 14 million globally

61% of employees say a new job is different than expectations

Glassdoor is like TripAdvisor for job seekers - Reviews and recommendations before accepting job offers

Candidates can read the online reviews of companies - but companies' information and comments can be on other channels like Twitter
or on information/knowledge sites like Quora - used for answering information questions

Only 25% of the #EMConf2014 audience says it is optimising social media tools for recruitment

Challenges of Social Media -

90% of candidates find employer perspective useful when making decsions
But employers not at nearly the same level of use or belief

Best Practices for using social media

1 Promote the good and fix the bad - people will know about it anyway
2 Act early and often - get to the issue and address
3 Use your employees as Brad Ambassadors to leverage your business and social profile
4 Monitor and engage by using social measurement tools
5 Be Honest and Authentic (a theme today) - don’t use robots to address complaints/issues. Use a real person
Put heart,soul & mind into it

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