Tired but satisfied

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Marcel Tankink

It was great again, the Recruitment Conference in Amsterdam. I was looking forward to this for weeks and I must say....I am not disappointed at all!

 The first day was quite challenging. I enjoyed the Kevin Wheeler workshop, together with 9 other recruitment professionals. Kevin really inspired all of us by asking us about our thoughts on the future of talent. It was very interactive and I am sure we all learned something new at the end of the day.

The day ended with a welcome reception....a great opportunity to catch up with guys you mostly only speak via mail or phone.

 Great! Two more days to come.

 Day 2 was a day of extremes....I really enjoyed the presentation of Matthew....I had to stop trying to read the slides, because it was a fast-train-running gig....and so inspiring....I really have to check up on our employment brand, so many tips and tricks.

Paul Harrison also gave a whirlwind presentation on Employer Brands and Social Media...I really want to learn more about that.

In the afternoon there were breakout sessions. I made an excellent choice by joining the Glenn Gutmacher session about how to develop talent pools through online interaction. A surprising bonus act (Gordon) was also present, which lead to great discussions.

 However, there were also a couple of less inspiring presentations...but hey....you can't have it all, can you?

 Day 3, for me more known speakers attended to the conference.  Again, Kevin gave us his thoughts on Recruitment and challenged us by asking if and what will change in a couple of years whitin Recruitment.....it was about a different mindset, about control, choice, etc....great stuff to use!

I really looked forward to the panel sessions. First we started with a session on Social Networks, and how it is changing our daily life. It was great to notice that the crowd was discussing more than the panel! Thanks for inspiring us!

 Next for me there was a problem in choosing what breakout session I should attend to....I chose for Ted's session on lean and mean recruiting. It was great stuff...there so many opportunities to improve your recruitment by just measuring...so simple, but also, so true!

The conference ended with a panel discussion on corporate career sites and if they are serving the candidate.  It was great to see that there were so many opinions on that topic...a special compliment to Bas.....you really prove that your nickname is well chosen.

So....tired but satisfied, after 3 days of meeting fantastic recruitment professionals, enjoying great workshops and a fantastic organisation!

I also would like to thank Alan and his colleagues for this really professional organised event. Great to hear that next year GRC will come to 5 countries!

 Marcel Tankink

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