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GradWeb crowned ‘Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation’ at the prestigious Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2013.

GradWeb, the entry-level and graduate recruitment outsourcing specialists, has been named the ‘Outstanding Outsourced Recruitment Organisation’ at the 2013 Recruiter Awards for Excellence.

The Recruiter Awards for Excellence recognise, reward and celebrate the outstanding achievements in recruitment over the last 12 months and were held at a gala ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 1st May.

Open to all major recruitment specialists and judged by a diverse panel of leading business experts from some of the biggest names in the recruitment industry the award recognises outstanding client service, effectiveness and efficiency by an Outsourcing Recruitment Organisation.

According to the judges, GradWeb was the ‘stand-out winner’ in the award category, successfully demonstrating the delivery of cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors. The judges particularly highlighted the innovation required in not simply providing an off-the-shelf solution but creating bespoke recruitment services tailored to fit the unique and exacting challenges faced by today’s businesses. They said;

“GradWeb provides its diverse clients with the ability to reach the right candidates through methods such as its innovative online recruitment technology to attract and reach the right candidates; its Intelligent Attraction’ approach to improve the effectiveness of clients’ campaigns and its end-to-end services including concept design, marketing, candidate management, screening and assessment”.

Sydney, April 4, 2011:  Become, one of Australia’s fastest growing creative recruitment agencies, today announces the launch of their Melbourne office. 

After 4 successful years in Sydney, Become will be opening it’s second Australian office to add to the offices in London and Manchester in the UK and continue driving their position as global player in the design and advertising industry 

According to Melbourne Manager, Adele Leah, this is an exciting time for the business and proves they have come along way since our pioneering beginnings in Sydney in 2007.

We’re really excited to be expanding and are looking forward to the challenge Adele said, ‘We feel Melbourne is a booming creative hub, you only need to look at the recent awards to see how much influence the city’s agencies have within Australia and further abroad.’

After last years re-brand, the company has increased focus on digital media, not only through their website, but also through social media outlets like Twitter and Linked In.

Picking up on the reports from the Milch & Zucker conference , A Journey from Attraction to Selection.  Still have a few to do, and will bring them out over the next few days.  Pictures and video are starting to appear on the M&Z site as well.

Opening up the afternoon sessions, with Miodrag Perin of Bertelsmann, New York office. Met him at dinner and found out he did his graduate degree at my alma mater, SUNY at Binghamton.  More evidence of how small the world really is.
Mio Perrin
This was fun, as Bertelsman has done a lot of interesting things, including setting up a specific Recruitment brand and website. Mio is a dynamic and engaging speaker.

A couple of key concepts if you are going to reach out with Social Media as a recruitment media:

  • What works for marketing also works for us
  • We want to be where the people already are

Tested the idea of video applications, by filming his own team - proving internally how it can work and what actually has to be done.  See the video of Mio on the RCEuro Video section.

Points out that individuals are spending lots of time on the networks (compared to amount of time on a company website), where content and information is relevant.

Create Your Own Career
Inside our thoughts, inside our heads - everyday there are tons of ideas, phrases, concepts that should be shared and used in candidate attraction.

Social Media is no longer a 'nice to have'.  It is a necessity.

What was the Bertelsmann journey?

18 months ago, on Flickr and the business networks like Xing, LinkedIn as individuals, not as company.  

Resistance from internal colleagues 18 months ago:

  • Nobody Twitters
  • What does this have to do with recruiting?
  • What a waste of time
  • We should have our own video player

We want to be where the candidates are
Decided to integrate sharing tools such as "tell a friend" into website  and
integrate various analytics into the website to deploy and track activities

Developed the tag line and the complete recruitment website:
Create Your Own Career 2.0 by getting inspired.

What has been the result?

  • New career web sites in Germany and internationally
  • 38,000 unique visitors  per month
  • Top results of ranking, No. 1 in US, Europe, CEE
  • (Potential Power Ranking 2009)

What does his social landscape look like today?
Blogs, maps, chat, self assessment, videos of real employees on YouTube, Flickr

Created presence on the major Social Media sites:

 totlajobs  group

Attending a breakfast seminar today in London, hosted by Totaljobs , featuring Totaljobs marketing research and International Labour market research by the Intelligence Group for The Network

Paul Smith, Group Marketing Director of Totaljobs Group , led off the presentations, after the introductions by John Salt. We will write about the Intelligence Group presentation (which is very impressive) later.

General economic challenges have impacted the job market

  • Decline in jobs
  • Increase in jobseeker activity
  • Google - recruitment query searches up 55% year on year
Advertising spend drops from £1.2 billion to £600 million
  • Offline decline 50%
  • Online decrease 30%

Paul projects a modest increase end 2011, early 2012 and online recruitment ad spend will pass offline in 2012

The Network Logo

The Network , which brings together career sites from 119 countries and generates traffic of more than 45 million unique monthly visitors, held its annual conferenence in Bulgaria this month. The conference, hosted by partner Jobs.bg, was covered in Bulgarian publication, Human Capital, including videos of presentations from the managers of the leading job sites in France, Russia, Germany, Poland and Britain such as Totaljobs.com , StepStone and A denclassifieds .

Leading international career sites reported a decline in the published positions between 35 and 40 percent as a result of the global economic crisis. The good news is that some Western countries noticed a slight increase in the published positions last month.

The coverage and presentations can be viewd on the Human Capital site in native Bulgarian or the tranlsated version.

 Bass jumping

Finding candidates in the shallow water

We started a bit of a global debate on the Monday evening ‘Ready for Lift Off '' online Radio Show hosted by Bill Boorman.   (The audio of the main show every week is available on our home page)   I dropped in my concept of Talent Puddle, as opposed to Talent Pool.  Michael Homula of  Bearing Fruit Consulting picked up on it and by the next day had written a great post on his site about it. 

This was my original thinking:
Talent Puddle - a term I evolved after years of talking to companies and conferences about building and using Talent Pools . Actually came to it after a fishing trip, trying to find the right fish in a very large lake, but success came in very small inlet.

Applied the thinking to Talent Pools  - Too deep, too hard to see the bottom where the best candidates are.  So, let's look in the shallower water, The Talent Puddle

Great shows today

Bill Boorman's online radio show , in its third week had great guests from US and UK. This week's show features a collection of veteran recruiters discussing what clients want from the current market.

Listen to the full broadcaset in our Video/Audio stream: ON AIR - Ready for Lift Off. Or you can follow the link to to the BlogTalkRadio site and listen/download. Check out the first two shows either on our site or on the BlogTalkRadio site.


Listen to Billboorman on Blog Talk Radio

I was traveling back from Holland Friday evening and picked up my free newspaper (and yes I still read print!!) . The  article on page 4 by Brian Groom suggested that " Britain's job market may be able to bounce back faster than in the past".

This positive piece of news came from Nigel Meager , director of the Institute for Employment Studies , He said " I think the labour market is in better shape now than in either of the previous recessions. For any given fall in economic activity we are likely to be able to survive it better that we were in previous recessions and we are likely to bounce back slightly more quickly."

Wishful thinking? Well both the CIPD and the Sunday Times also feel that we may be coming out of the worst, so who knows.

What I do know is that my friends in Europe are begining to feel the heat. In Holland the volume of job posting are down 40%; in Belgium activity is almost at a standstill and in France it is a similar story.

We will send a note to all our friends across Europe getting their first hand experience of what is happening in local recruitment markets across Europe.


It's been some time since I last blogged as Alan and I decided that we needed to rebuild and re-brand the Beta of Recruitment Community Europe and at the same time build our Pan European members and marketing database.

This week I was fortunate enough to be a speaker at the Corporate Social Networking Conference in Amsterdam. It was also great to spend a couple of days at the conference with fellow speaker, Paul Harrison from Carve Consulting, a true thought leader in this space.

The event was put on by Thys Spragers and his team at KREM , one of Holland's leading consultancies in this space. With over 190 attendees in this current climate, it  shows the interest in the topic and also reflected the quality of the speaker line up KERM had put together.

The morning saw two true visionaries in the social media space. The first speaker was Jeremiah Owyang , Senior Analyst at Forrester, blogger and commentator on the sector. Second was Urs Gasser , Executive Director Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard.


Take Action Against The Credit Crunch!

Please take 2 - 5 mins to complete the following confidential survey on the impact of the global credit crunch - the basis of which will be used by a trusted colleague of mine to establish a non-profit consultancy in the U.K., which will assist those impacted by the global credit crunch in their search for work. 


Response handling and new technology applications:
Will technology finally unlock recruiter productivity?

Alex Charles, product director and co-founder of iProfile
Alex is a board member of HR-XML , the global standards body for sharing HR information.

Alex was second up at The Recruitment Conference , covering a topic close to our hearts and minds. I have known Alex for a number of years and worked closely with him as we got HR-XML off the ground in Europe.

His theme on recruiter productivity is a good spin – away from the usual stuff that Alex and I have done for years about what the technology is and how to use it.


  • How far have we really come?
  • Future ideas
  • Address capability of your staff and technology
  • Threats and risks

An interesting question: Are recruiters more productive because of technology?
Only two of us in the room say yes

Why aren’t we more productive?

  • Is it the quality of technology?
  • Is it the challenges of the cynical recruitment business owner?
  • How do we compete with the larger online players like job boards?

Good slides showing the spaghetti junction of information, tools, contacts - slides will be made available on the conference website.

Challenges about the data we hold in our databases now

Here we are at the annual Enhance Media conference to look at what might be happening in the future - interesting to see how this might compare with what we said 2-3 years ago when I spoke at the same event.

 Tim and Alastair will be on Twitter, as will I. Interested to see if anyone else will be.  

Keith and I will take turns writing some blog posts during the day.

 Find us, make some comments and check it out.

 This event has the 'who's who' of UK thought leaders in the audience - Luke McKend, Mike Taylor, Don Macintosh, David Hurst, Charles Hardy, Jonathan Mills, Mark Kieve, Jez Chance, John Salt, Louise Triance..... The list goes on and on.

Last Thurs  I was sitting in a hotel in Lieden, Holland whilst my many friends in the UK recruitment industry were gathering at the Grosvenor House Hotel for the prestigious RADS. A great event.

The RADS was a "baby"  that I launched with a great gentleman called Austyn Hallworth; he was at the Independent ( Classified Ad Mgr) and I was Sales Director at a new HR magazine called Personnel Today.

The idea was to have an awards event in the UK to refect the "best" in recruitment. The event, today branded the RADS and organised by Reed Business Information has grown into a wonderful celebration of what is best in recruitment communication. It has achieved what we set out to do.

The UK recruitment industry enjoys some of the finest creativity in the world of recruitment. The result of a highly competitive labour market, a rich source of print media and agencies and clients who are prepared to be brave and push the barriers of what is HR communications.

The industry has also "seen off" the threat of the web....there were those in '99-2000 who believed that "branding" was dead and that all jobseekers would do was go to huge job databases, search, get matched and apply...whoops sorry, I mean a job board.



Yesterday Google announced that it was making 100 recruiters redundant. This is in addition to further cuts in the organisation's global headcount.

Over recent years in both the US and Europe I have had the pleasure of meeting Google recruiters and what top people they were: innovative, passionate and professional. They really lived the "Google" brand.

This is the headline of an article posted today by Dawn Passaro, I liked it so took the liberty of posting the article in full and it very much follows on from my last blog on RCE on Britney and "personal branding"...it seems there might be a business model in this chaos!!

Attention all recruiters! Are you having trouble finding recruitment assignments? Maybe you should shift your target to the other side of the street. By that I mean, sell your services to the job seeker, instead of the corporate employer.

In the news today, and from people I know, I see massive layoffs and downsizing everywhere. The law of supply and demand tells us that many organizations will not have to work so hard to fill their open positions (if the skill sets fit). Companies may think twice before budgeting for recruitment expenses.

Consider this alternative: Personal Branding. It's a good skill to develop in any case as a part of your own career management process, even if you don't offer it to clients. Check out Dan Schawbel's
Personal Branding Blog. He is the author of " Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 2009) . His blog has a wealth of "how-to" information on Personal Branding.

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled Job Seekers Pay Marketers to Improve Their Prospects in the 1/6/09 edition. The article mentioned a company called Reach that helps outsourced individuals or any job applicant for that matter, to focus on their own personal branding, and to use that information to find their next job.


As you will see in the news article under the media tab on the home page, Monster has launched its new 'seeker' experience.

As we have been on the soapbox about the Candidate Experience ever since the early days of our Internet Recuitment Series over 5 years ago, we thought we should address the new experience.

Keith is writing in his blog some interesting comments and suggested that I wouls be reviewing the site. After looking at Joel Cheesman's outstanding in-depth analysis, there isn't much to say about how it works.

Eric Shannon provides a slightly more acerbic view , with some terrific comments on his blog continuing the debate.


I have just created a poll on my LinkedIn profile page. Trying out another one of their application inserts to see what kind of response I might get from my 3800 connections.

The questions and answers are limited in number of characters, which is good for this kind of application.

Will be interested to see how many answers I get directly. If you happen to not be in my LinkedIn network, use the link to take the poll, and while you are there, go ahead and LinkIn with me.


 Hello there

Well, here I am again, trying another method of uploading presentations, this time from Scribd , who are promoting their iDocument format.

Why, you might ask?  Because this presentation is normally 9MB. I have two presentations from our GRC 2008 Conference that are over 35MB. Naturally, this is too heavy for most users to be able to download.

Please let me know whether you prefer this approach or the SlideShare approach that is in my earlier post.


Technology is moving at pace.  LinkedIn has announced a variety of embedded widgets and applications, along with new search functionality.

 One of the  apps is SlideShare (http://www.slideshare.net)

So, here goes, I have opened a SlideShare account, uploaded a presentation I made earlier this year at the Recruitment Consultant conferencek added the app to my LinkedIn profile, hey presto, shows up in both places.

 But, how do people find in on my profile? Only seems to those in my network

The Blog app has a 'by me' tab and a "my network' tab.

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