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I have been thinking a lot about job boards recently, as both a customer and a jobseeker.   In these socially enabled times, it strikes me that the job board user experience should be something like this:

Jobs are displayed in easy on the eye tag clouds, instead of ordered lists we know are manipulated by the recruitment organisations who post them.  Jobs are highlighted to me by other job seekers and I can rank them by most viewed, highest rated or user defined tags.  It’s a visual experience, not a data driven one.

I can tag each job myself, just like I can currently tag the rest of my social life – my pictures, my bookmarks and so on – knowing that all my fellow jobseekers are doing the same.  This rich user tagging is doing a way better job of delivering me relevant jobs than the job board search facility can.

What's more, I can connect with my social friends on the site, directly, along with other job seekers whom I don't know. Yet.  The feature that flags the profiles of people who are also looking for a job in my specialism or area takes care of that.

It introduces me to others in the community who also happen to be looking for a job in the same area as me. We can swap notes, compare opportunities, give advice and extend our job-seeking network.  And of course, make some life long friends along the way.

Whether you have an existing Job Board, or you are looking to set up a new platform, Job Board Software is a term you will have heard or seen many times before, but often people are confused with the options available and what is best for them.

Which option is best for my company?


Which approach suits you will come down to a series of questions:

  • Do you want to launch a job board quickly?
  • Do you want to reduce the element of risk?
  • Do you want a solution which is tried and tested?
  • Are you happy to use a more standard design?
  • Do you want an upgrade path?
  • Are you on a budget or looking for an affordable payment plan?

To read the full article and find out what the pro's and con's for each option are please click here:

'Job Board Solutions - Bespoke v Software '

In Decemeber I posted a blog - Is your company missing the mobile trick? In it I challenged every Job Board owner and Job Board marketing manager to make a New Years resolution -

"I must engage with iPhone users and not get left behind in the fast moving space of mobile web"

I am pleased to see that I can now go to AppStore and search for Job Board brands and find results. Well done to those who have done something. (We supplied apps for 13 board in the UK)


Was it worth while? Well I can share with you that many of our clients have seen a huge growth in mobile user interaction after launching their app. Interestingly, not just in downloads from AppStore but also in users visiting the website from an iPhone. In a couple of cases 2 or 3 times growth - happy clients!

But even more importantly happy job seekers. What so many job board executives are still failing to switch on to, is iPhone is not about some cool gadget that people show off in the bar. It is about a massive eco-system, a powerful marketing channel and users that really engage with the Internet.

iPhone is the web beyond the browser and this very special exciting place is so powerful. Beyond the browser has helped catapulted Twitter to its position, less than 30% of users tweet from the site itself, but instead from a 3rd party application connected to the web!

Yet again, I hear in the back of my head the marketing executive standing tall, head high proudly stating - "no problem, we have this covered - we have an M Site."

Wonderful. Great well done, Mr Marketing Executive, not only do you know what an M Site is you have gone and got one! I am very pleased! I would really like to hear this a lot more. But the problem is, who else knows you have this mobile site? How do users find it? Are you pleased with the results?

This is why AppStore is so powerful, the iPhone user thinks "I want a new sales job", at that point the millions and millions of dollars Apple spend on advertising pay off -
"Ooh", thinks the user, "I bet there's an App for That".

And off he or she goes on their merry way to find the app.

Where do they go? Google, Bing, Twitter?
NO, they go to AppStore and type in "Sales Jobs".

Now if you manage a generalist job board or a niche sales job board - you want to be in those results. Just like you want to be in the results in Google.

First off, just having your app there is free branding. Even if the user does not download the app they see your brand and it is associated with being up to date, trendy and useful - because you are associated with Apple iPhone. To some this may not be positive, but to one of the 50+ million iPhone / iTouch users it is very, very positive.

Second, they may download the app, so now you are on the phone equivalent of the desktop. This is a gold dust spot to have.

You can give your user, the experience they expect, where the interface reacts as other iPhone apps and is feature rich. Done well the app will help the user, it will help them find those jobs they want to apply for. It will help them carry out the most time consuming part of job seeking - the search and filter process. They can now do this on a train, sitting in the canteen at lunch or the coffee shop. You are now part of their extended internet engagement - Mobile Web. You are now beyond the browser. Now is the time to pat yourself on the back.

These users will go back to your website and will apply when they have found a job. The candidate experience is enhanced.

So why when I search (UK AppStore) for sales jobs is there only one niche job board - SalesTarget.com? (a client of ours) Come on Job Boards, you can do better.

Get moving - get Mobile.

Shameless plug: Now you know that I am slightly biased, my company Allthetopbananas.com is among other things the leading UK Job Board iPhone app supplier. But the reason we are in that position is we believe what we are saying and Mobile is here to grow! (btw we are now launching our iPhone apps Internationally!)

Last week at the Recruitment Unconference I listened to a number of large recruitment agency firms and various industry experts discuss the impact of Social Recruitment.

One camp felt that the Job Boards of today will be killed off by agencies and HR; sourcing directly via Social Networks.

Some worried that the recruitment agency would be killed off in 10 years when today's teenagers join tomorrow's HR, with their wide digital networks nurtured over the years.

There were examples of agencies cutting 100% of job board spend! Where are the candidates coming from?- From their website via Twitter or Linked In.

Before we rush our attention to killer tactics of social recruiting to save thousands of pounds, I would like to consider the following framing points...

1. Social recruitment is very young. The social web evolution is in its early phases. Those early birds are, in some cases delivering strong results, but will this success remain feasible as the marketplace gets more crowded? How will it scale? Will it infringe privacy and be reined in by legislation?

2 Every new thing is always going to kill the last thing, according to media hype! But does it, or does the hyped frenzy just promote the killing? If the job boards embrace social media, it could become their best friend since Google, instead of the executioner. (Just as Google was a serious threat back in 2000)

3. The last major digital recruitment revolution - the online job board - delivered the CV database, which has created a volume of monstrous recruitment agencies. The volume of consultants that just forward CVs straight from a database as a "punt" is staggeringly high. The service level has suffered- no screening, no client relationship, no candidate relationship. Will social recruiting improve the situation or build on an ever-increasing bad named industry?

One thing is for sure, social networks are here to stay, even if the platforms change (Friends Reunited, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter).  Any network of people will attract recruiters.

So what are you doing with Twitter or Linked In?

What would you like to see job boards doing?

What can we help you with as an online recruitment technology expert?

Further listening (not reading!) check out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bill-boorman/2009/11/30/job-boards--rip-uk-show to listen to myself, @SiteAdvisor, @RCEURO and the host @BillBoorman chat about the future of job boards.

 Sourced from: http://www.allthetopbananas.com/Blogs/Dave/post/2009/11/Will-Social-Networks-kill-off-the-Job-Board.aspx


There has been in recent weeks a lot of debate about the future of job boards, the impact of social media but some recently released statictics would indicate that job seekers are voting with their feet.

Comscore has released some interesting statistics about the US traffic to the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn. According to Comscore, LinkedIn had 8 million US visitors in July this year, an increase of 66% compared to a year ago.

But the really interesting part was some data extraction about the kind of visitors that LinkedIn is getting. By cross-referencing visits to job-seeking sites with visits to LinkedIn, Comscore was able to estimate of how many of LinkedIn's visitors are job seekers (and even to what degree those visitors are looking for a job).

According to that data, the average LinkedIn user is 2.4 times as likely as the average Internet user to be looking for a job. A full 28.5% of LinkedIn's users are looking for a job

Using Comscore's data from the graph above, we get that compared to the average Internet user, LinkedIn users are:

The Network Logo

The Network , which brings together career sites from 119 countries and generates traffic of more than 45 million unique monthly visitors, held its annual conferenence in Bulgaria this month. The conference, hosted by partner Jobs.bg, was covered in Bulgarian publication, Human Capital, including videos of presentations from the managers of the leading job sites in France, Russia, Germany, Poland and Britain such as Totaljobs.com , StepStone and A denclassifieds .

Leading international career sites reported a decline in the published positions between 35 and 40 percent as a result of the global economic crisis. The good news is that some Western countries noticed a slight increase in the published positions last month.

The coverage and presentations can be viewd on the Human Capital site in native Bulgarian or the tranlsated version.

I was traveling back from Holland Friday evening and picked up my free newspaper (and yes I still read print!!) . The  article on page 4 by Brian Groom suggested that " Britain's job market may be able to bounce back faster than in the past".

This positive piece of news came from Nigel Meager , director of the Institute for Employment Studies , He said " I think the labour market is in better shape now than in either of the previous recessions. For any given fall in economic activity we are likely to be able to survive it better that we were in previous recessions and we are likely to bounce back slightly more quickly."

Wishful thinking? Well both the CIPD and the Sunday Times also feel that we may be coming out of the worst, so who knows.

What I do know is that my friends in Europe are begining to feel the heat. In Holland the volume of job posting are down 40%; in Belgium activity is almost at a standstill and in France it is a similar story.

We will send a note to all our friends across Europe getting their first hand experience of what is happening in local recruitment markets across Europe.

I am sitting today at my 2nd MLL with Mr MMLL himself so before my speed pitching escapades I thought I would take the opportunity to talk with Jamie about MLL and how he came up with such an original idea.

Q; How about a thumbnail view of your career?

A: Hardcore recruitment background, Stated out at Northcliffe Newspapers as an agency sales recruitment rep selling to the London agencies our regional newspaper portfolio, moved to Monster in 2003 and over the next 4 years built out and headed up their RAA channel. This ended up representing 15% plus of Monster's UK revenue. Moved to Fish4 in 2007 to do a similar job.

Q: Where did the idea for MLL come from?

A: A US road trip!! "as one does". True...I went with some mates, hired a car and off we drove. This gave me lots of time to think and my original idea was to create a community around the recruitment industry, bringing together the media and agencies, but based on "last minute advertising space".

Q: Can you expand?

A: Well I was amazed as I got to know the agencies and how they operated how much ad space can be left to filla s print gets near to deadline. All the reps hit the phones and try to use their agency contacts to take up this space, the agencies in turn will contact clients to see if an ad the previous week worked etc. This seemed hugely inefficient, so we came up with the idea of a site "Latespace.com" (working name) to speed up the process.

When we took the concept out to the market to road test we got a "big fat thumbs down". What we forgot is that no publisher wants to admit they might have last minute space to fill.

Q: What nexr?

A: Well the site was being built and we still wanted to be in the community. And to be honest the money for the site was running out. I had been to all the major UK recruitment events, I knew that getting in front of agencies can be tough, but also thought that the usual 30-45 minutes was becoming time inefficient. we put two and two together and bingo, MLL.

Q: Where do you go next?

A: We did our first Recruitment consultancy event with Louise from UK Recruiter last week and got positive feedback from both media and those attending in a "buying" mode. We are getting more requests for niche events such as the one we did focused on the Public Sector sponsored by JobsGoPublic. Also building out the community on-line via the site is a big part of our future.

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